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Valentine's Day Inspiration - 10 Great Perfumes for Women Loved By Our Fragrance Guru

Jaki is not only our dedicated, inspiring and super hard-working team leader, she also has a passion for perfumes, with an incredible amount of knowledge crammed into that brain of hers.

With Valentine's Day round the corner, Jaki shares with us her current favourite scents for women.

Jaki - Manager

Asking me to select my favourite fragrances is like asking me to choose my favourite son - I just can't do it!

As much as I love fragrances in general, I do have my go-to fragrances, chosen according to my mood, my outfit and colours.

I have classic must-haves, but I also love to try the latest releases - the new kids on the block.

I love that fragrance evokes emotions that are open to interpretation and these can be different for everyone.

Scents can take to you faraway places, both emotionally and physically.

Some are safe, some are polarising, some remind us of other fragrances, and some totally unique and haunting.

When choosing a fragrance, my advice is to drink in the notes of the ingredients.

Visualise. Dream. Envelop yourself in the fragrance and the story and mood behind their creation.

Once upon a time, fragrance was a real luxury item, but now there are fragrances to suit every budget. Everyone can enjoy them, wear them liberally and build a wardrobe of fragrances for every occasion, emotion or dream.

Why not treat yourself and add in just one or two unique perfumes to complete your outfit for those times you want to feel special?

I've included ten of my current favourite perfumes for women, although I'm sure if you ask me again in six months, the list will change.

And if you have any questions about fragrances for women or men, or any of our other Kiana Beauty products, I would love to help. Just contact me here or send an email to us at

So this Valentine's Day, and throughout the year, take a look at the fragrances available from Kiana Beauty Melbourne.

We have a huge range, including brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, Shay & Blue London, and so many more.

And our beauty experts such as Jaki, love helping people find the perfect perfume.

February 2017

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