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At Home with Kiana Beauty

It looks like isolation and social distancing will continue to be our new 'normal' for a little while longer.

As we all find new ways to adjust to this, we touch base with some of our Kiana Beauty team to see how they are adapting their skincare during isolation.

Cathy and Alex

These two workmates and housemates bring a vibrant energy to Kiana Beauty and often have us laughing.

The giggles continue at home, as Cathy and Alex have started a new Friday night ritual of facials and selfies.

The idea behind this is two-fold - firstly to nourish the skin, but also nourish the soul with a simple act of self-care and a laugh with a great friend. 

Cathy and Alex's Review:

We had way too many laughs with and at each other with the application of this mask  - it's hard not to laugh when one of you is experiencing a hot flush and stands outside on what feels like the coldest night of the year, hugging a steel pole in order to cool down.

Thankfully, this mask allowed enough movement in the face for us to laugh without it pulling.

The glow following a 10-minute application of the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator is amazing and it has left us with such plump and dewy skin. We totally recommend it to combat the dry skin that accompanies cold weather with heated interiors.


Steph is not only our tech expert, but she is also effortlessly and indescribably cool, as well as an all-round lovely lady.

She has been keeping fit during iso with runs and at-home workouts but has noticed that her skin is starting to break out more due to stress and being indoors for longer periods of time.

Steph's Review:

Alya Skin Pink Face Mask is my go-to when I have a little time on my hands, especially after working crazy hours in front of the computer. I've already applied this 5 times since being in isolation as my skin is flaring up quite badly at the moment. 

I often apply this overnight and wake up with the brightest and smoothest skin. It also works really well if you leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off.

I give this mask a 5-star rating. I have been using this product for 3 years and it continues to deliver smoother and brighter skin and clears blemishes. I love that it is Vegan friendly too.


Co-owner of Kiana Beauty Melbourne, mum of three, executive chef of the household, supervisor/IT help desk for home learning.

My skin is showing definite signs of stress right now. I'm spending more time indoors, exercising less and trying to balance working from home with the demands of two kids who are learning from home, plus a rambunctious preschooler. 

Stav's Review:

My skin is looking dull and less glowing right now. 

I'm still trying to maintain some form of self-care that can be done from home and isn't a big-time commitment, but still makes me feel good and helps my skin to look good.

I am really loving the KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask

I have some pigmentation on my skin and the turmeric has been great at softening the appearance of the pigmentation and brightening my skin in the same way that AHAs do.

This mask also deeply cleans, exfoliates and resurfaces my skin so that it looks revitalised and more glowing.

The added benefit that this mask has for me is that my kids think I look creepy while I'm wearing it, so it buys me a few minutes where hardly anyone comes to me with a request for food or help with their task.

Loved these skincare reviews? Stay tuned next week as Jaki, Lesley & Loreece show us their favourite self-care activities.

Need some help finding the best products to suit your need for a pamper session at home? Why not contact Kiana Beauty via our Ask an Expert feature and one of our beauty experts will be glad to help.

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