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The Best Beauty Advice We Learnt from Our Mums

Mum. Just three letters that come with unconditional love and a great deal of wisdom.

Throughout our lives, there are many times we draw on the advice given to us from our mums and there are also times where we ignored it, but wish that we hadn't!

Mum knows best about many things, and just one of these things is real-life beauty. We ask some of the Kiana Beauty team to share the best beauty advice they received from their mum and share this mum wisdom with you.

The best beauty advice my mum gave me was that less is more when it comes to makeup and that makeup should enhance my features and not change my whole look.


Mum also taught me that sunscreen is a must to protect my skin from the sun. 

Chan, Amazing all-rounder
Roseline and Chan
Roseline and Chan

My mum has amazing skin.

The most important beauty advice my gorgeous mum has given me is to look after my skin with good quality skincare and to eat my greens for radiant skin.

Mum has also taught me that a bright lipstick will create the illusion of being well-rested when I'm tired and have dark circles under my eyes.

Stav, Co-Director Kiana Beauty
Maria and Stav 
Maria and Stav

My mum never wore makeup, but she instilled in me the importance of cleansing and moisturising my skin twice a day.

She also told me to never smoke, to eat fruit and vegetables and to drink plenty of water for optimal health and great skin.

I'm proud to say that I've followed her advice and have passed it on to my own daughter.

Rena, L'Occitane
Anna and Rena
Anna and Rena

My mum is very low key when it comes to beauty routines, but is big on hydration.

Her best beauty advice is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

Hydrated skin will always look better than dry, flaky skin.

Kelly, Co-Director Kiana Beauty
Kelly and Lily
Kelly and Lily

If you feel like Mother's Day has just crept up on you this year, there's no need to panic.

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On behalf of the Kiana Beauty team, we wish all mums a wonderful Mother's Day.

We thank you for all the wisdom you share with us and for your unconditional love.


May 2017

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