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6 Best Under Eye Concealers For Dark Circles

If you're genetically prone to dark circles or if they are the by-product of late nights binge-watching Netflix, then you will benefit from a little under eye concealer.

Concealers are our saviours in disguising dark circles, spots, discolourations & pigmentation.

Whether you're a makeup beginner or a beauty lover, there are many concealers available to choose from. This can make it overwhelming to decide on the best concealer for you.

At Kiana Beauty, we love the transformative power of a great concealer so we've called in one of our beauty experts to help.

Jaki is our amazing retail manager and has been in beauty retail for over 25 years. She has road tested every single concealer that we have on offer, and here are her top 6.

Best Concealers For Dark Circles 

Best For Dark Circles & Spots: Clinique Even Better All Over Concealer + Eraser

The NEW Clinique under eye treatment and concealer is a serious miracle worker. It instantly corrects and conceals dark circles and spots, while the built in blurring sponge blurs imperfections and fine lines.

Coverage Level: Full

Finish: Satin

Kiana Beauty Shades: 18 

Size: 6ml 

Skin Type: All Skin Types 

The long wearing formula doesn't streak or settle into creases. It stays put all day, even through sweat and humidity. 

The best bit? It has the tick of approval from ophthalmologists and dermatologists and is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

With continued use, this little legend will also visibly reduce the look of dark spots over time.

But don't just take our word for it. Read Ellie's Clinique concealer review here.

Instantly Conceals Dark Circles, Bags, Lines & Wrinkles.

This Thin Lizzy concealer is the best under eye concealer for dark circles and reducing puffiness at the same time with its advanced formula.

Coverage Level: Full

Finish: Satin

Shades: 8 

Size: 7ml 

Skin Type: Dry / Combination

Shop Now $24.99


It is a full coverage concealer that optically corrects and perfects the skin by visibly lightening and reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for instantly brighter and younger eyes.

Thin Lizzy Age-Reverse Under Eye Treatment Concealer wears well all day long without caking or creasing.

It contains 2% Hyloxyl which helps to smooth and firm the under-eye skin, providing long-term anti-aging benefits while it conceals.

Shop our full range of Thin Lizzy eye treatments and concealers here.

Best For Dry Skin: Estee Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer 24H Concealer and Hydra Prep

This Estee Lauder double wear concealer is the best concealer for dry skin.

Coverage Level: Full

Finish: Satin

Kiana Beauty Shades: 9

Size: 12ml

Skin Type: Dry / Combination

Shop Now $44 


It is a hard working multi-tasker that has two sides.

On one side, there's the Hydra Prep serum for an instant hit of hydration, which helps smooth fine dry lines so that the concealer can glide on smoothly and blend away seamlessly.

On the other side is the 24 hour concealer with a natural satin matte finish, to cover up dark circles, spots and blemishes.

This medium to full coverage concealer for dry skin is waterproof, sweat proof and humidity resistant and won't crease.

Find your perfect Estee Lauder concealer colour match by selecting a concealer shade that matches your skin tone or is one shade lighter.

The international best-selling Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer is a long-wearing and luminous medium to full coverage concealer.

Coverage Level: Full

Finish: Satin

Kiana Beauty Shades: 8

Size: 7ml 

Skin Type: All Skintypes

Shop Now $42


The lightweight cream formula is infused with minerals and emollients to wear comfortably and seamlessly for 15 hours, without creasing, sliding or melting away.

The wand applicator is easy to use, just start with a tiny dab and blend away to achieve the desired level of cover.

Use this concealer to cover any discolourations, blemishes or spots on your skin.

Need a foundation and concealer for pigmented skin? Then you will love Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer.

Coverage Level: Full

Finish: Natural

Kiana Beauty Shades: 21

Size: 30ml 

Skin Type: Dry / Combination

Shop Now $56


This foundation-and-concealer in one is an oil-free, lightweight, moisturising makeup that covers blemishes without clogging pores.

This concealer makeup melts into the skin for a flawless look and is perfect if you are trying to cover a large area of your face as it allows your skin to breathe comfortably.

The colour stays true, even through sweat and humidity.

Certified organic, INIKA has topped our vote as the best all natural concealer.

Coverage Level: Full  

Finish: Natural  

Kiana Beauty Shades: 8  

Size: 10ml  

Cruelty Free: Yes

Shop Now $39


The INIKA team have gone to arms length to make sure this product is certifed organic, vegan, cruelty free & certifed halal.

The light reflecting properties of mineral pigments camouflage blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation and helps to even out skin tone.

What we love most is that this product has beautiful blending qualities, leaving an absolutely flawless finish. 

Lasting hydration ensures no creasing or caking.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. This is totally an image of a bright, sheer lipstick.

One of our secret tricks to distract from dark circles is to wear a skin brightening lipstick.  A gorgeous pink or red shade has the amazing ability to:

  • enhance your features
  • instantly bring life to your face
  • draw the focus away from your dark circles
We love the pop of colour and hydrating shine from these sheer lipsticks. However, anything goes! You can shop our full range of lipsticks and lip glosses here.

Pro Tip

1. Concealer is a true multi-tasker. It makes a great primer for eyeshadow and lipstick.

Lightly dab any leftover under eye concealer onto your eye lids and lips to create a smooth base so that your eyeshadow stays in place longer.

2. Don't forget that your skin changes throughout the year. Your skin will naturally be slightly darker in summer and paler in winter, so don't forget to change your concealer with the change in seasons.

What is concealer?

Concealer is a powerful beauty product that can be used in many different ways.

It is generally thicker than foundation and is used to blend imperfections into the skin.

It can hide dark circles and brighten the under eye area (like sleep in a bottle). It can also be used to cover discolourations, pigmentation and blemishes.

Basically, concealer is the underrated super hero in your beauty armour.

Most people need two different concealers. One to cover spots and pigmentation around your face and one concealer for under your eyes to cover dark circles.

How to choose the right shade of concealer?

The right shade of concealer depends on how you will be using your concealer.

In most cases, you will need more than one concealer as the area under your eyes is different to the spots and blemishes that you are trying to conceal on the rest of your face.

When choosing an under eye concealer to cover dark circles, the right shade of concealer is one that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. This will reflect the light and enliven tired looking eyes.

For uneven skin tone, choose a concealer that is the same shade as your own skin tone or foundation so that it blends in seamlessly.

Should I apply concealer or foundation first?

Many makeup artists and beauty editors have debated this question.

The verdict? If you wear foundation, always apply this before you apply concealer.

The reason for this is that when you're not wearing foundation and you look in the mirror, all you can see is what you want to hide, so if you apply concealer at this point, you are likely to apply more concealer than you really need.

However, when you apply the foundation first, it acts as the base. It evens out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of discolourations. Therefore, in order to best judge where you really need to directly apply concealer, you need to have your foundation applied first.

How to apply concealer

We love to keep our mornings simple and stress-free, so here are our easy tips for applying your concealer.

1. To apply under eye concealer to cover dark circles:

We all want our under eye concealer to look natural, but we also want it to cover dark circles without settling into our fine lines or smile lines.

The skin under our eyes is the driest on our face, so make sure that the area has been hydrated with moisturiser or serum before you apply your foundation or concealer.

The best way to achieve natural looking concealer under the eyes is to dot a small amount of concealer under the inner corner of your eyes and use your fingers or a concealer brush to lightly dab the concealer to blend it outwards.

Always start with a small amount, then gradually build up if more is required, so that it doesn't look heavy or cakey.

2. To apply concealer to correct discolouration, redness or pigmentation:

Apply a small amount of concealer to the area that needs correcting and use your fingers to blend it out. The warmth of your fingertips will melt the concealer into your skin.

If you need a little more coverage, just go back and layer some more concealer back on top for full coverage.

3. To conceal dark spots or blemishes:

Use a cotton tip or this Clinique Concealer Brush to apply the concealer directly onto the spot and tap it in gently with your finger to blend into the skin.

Need more help finding the best concealer and the best under eye concealer for your skin? Why not ask Jaki, via our Ask an Expert feature.

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Up next, Makeup tips for mature skin with Glenda, our Estee Lauder Expert


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