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Enter A World of Dreams with Shay and Blue Perfumes

Shay and Blue London are a boutique perfumery who are passionate about creating unique fragrances.

Their fragrances are crafted using real flowers, fruits and spices with traditional techniques, resulting in scents that are noble and have depth, unlike those mass-produced in factories.

Each Shay and Blue fragrance tells a story and allows you to enter a world of dreams.

We ask Jaki, Kiana Beauty's fragrance aficionado, to describe each scent in her own words and tell us what she feels when she smells each Shay and Blue fragrance.

Why don't you join Jaki on this journey?


Shay & Blue London Almond Cucumber Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Peaceful and grounded. Slightly sweet and earthy.

Almond Cucumber is a soft, refined fragrance, blending refreshing green cucumber with delicate mimosa and sensual almond wood.

Soft, warm woodiness and thirst-quenching freshness create a poetic, effortlessly contemporary perfume.

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Shay & Blue London Almond Cucumber Natural Spray Fragrance

Shay & Blue London Amber Rose Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Delicate and whimsical. Understated and subtle.

A decadent, elegant and romantic fragrance.

Amber Rose marries rare May Rose from Grasse, with a voluptuous sweet milk note resting on a base of white amber to create a chic and modern rose scent.

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Shay & Blue London Amber Rose

Shay & Blue London Atropa Belladonna Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Soft and old-worldy. Floral and feminine.

Inspired by deadly nightshade, Atropa Belladonna is daring, chic and mesmerising.

The richly decadent scent of dark cassis berries is blended with the heady, white flower blooms of narcissus and jasmine on a base of rich bourbon vanilla.

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Shay & Blue London Atropa Belladonna

Shay & Blue London Blacks Club Leather Fragrance Concentree$145

Haunting and luxurious. Masculine and smokey.

Blacks Club Leather evokes the aroma of the London private member's club, Blacks of Soho.

A perfectly smooth and unisex leather fragrance. Round, full and rich, the scent of the fireplace mingled with leather, antique furniture wax, old books and a warming brandy.

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Shay & Blue London Blacks Club Leather

Shay & Blue London Blood Oranges Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Dessert wine, open fires and candied oranges. Warm and rich.

Blood Oranges is a richly refreshing fragrance with juicy bursts of blood orange underpinned with an opulent, sensual blend of musk, woods and passionate leather.

Different and stylish.

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Shay & Blue London Blood Oranges Natural

Shay & Blue London Framboise Noire Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Mysterious and free-spirited. Warm and powdery.

Framboise Noire is an award-winning rich, woody-berry fragrance.

A blend of rare, red and black berries with a deep undertone. Like a dark fine wine.

Rounded, rich fruit underpinned with sensual black woods, reminiscent of the blackness of night.

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Shay & Blue London Framboise Noire

Shay & Blue London Oud Alif Fragrance Concentree$145

Elegant and confident. Lingering and woody.

Oud Alif is a hypnotic award-winning oud, and has been celebrated by some of the top perfume critics as one of the best ouds on the market today.

A blend of soft rounded woods with finest oud agarwood from the aquilaria tree, spiked with the richness of chocolat noir, notes of saffron and dark patchouli for a distinct impact.

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Shay & Blue London Oud Alif

Shay & Blue London Salt Caramel Natural Spray Fragrance, from $60

Warm summer nights on the beach. Sultry and sensual

Salt Caramel is an award-winning rich, woody-vanilla fragrance.

Inspired by English chocolatier to the Queen Charbonnel et Walker's Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, this is an irresistible fragrance composed of waves of caramel and bourbon vanilla cut through with sea salt and sandalwood.

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Shay & Blue London Salt Caramel

Shay & Blue London Sicilian Limes Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Sunrise and the promise of a gorgeous day. Zesty and herbacious.

Sicilian Limes is a bold and sharp, tangy fragrance.

The full-liquor hit of a salt margarita, a rush of salt limes, rosemary and masculine moss create a uniquely robust perfume.

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Shay & Blue London Sicilian Limes

Shay & Blue London Suffolk Lavender Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Dry and crisp with a hint of spice.

Suffolk Lavender is a deep and darkly intense lavender with deliciously smoky incense, a sensual cluster of spices and a touch of melon.

Warm, spicy and aromatic, like a hot summer's night.

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Shay & Blue London Suffolk Lavender

Shay & Blue London Watermelons Natural Spray Fragrancefrom $60

Daydreaming on a spring day. Fresh, clean and simplistic.

Watermelons. Explosively fresh.

Crunchy, thirst quenching watermelons lead into the freshness of green mandarin with contrasts of green tea and clipped vetiver.

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Shay & Blue London Watermelons

Want to know more?

You can view Kiana Beauty's full range of Shay and Blue London fragrances and candles or contact our fragrance aficionado, Jaki, via our Ask an Expert feature.

Shay and Blue London fragrances and candles come presented in a box with striped grosgrain ribbon, making them the perfect gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself.

Did you know that all of Kiana Beauty's orders are beautifully wrapped in our free signature giftwrap along with a handwritten note. We love to make our customers smile when they receive their Kiana Beauty order.

Afterpay is now available at Kiana Beauty, so you can shop now, take now and pay in four easy payments. 

October 2017

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