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Gentlemen: Two minutes to better skin with Jacinta, Kiana Beauty's Clinique Expert

Two Minutes to Better Skincare for Men


Jacinta, Clinique Expert at Kiana Beauty

Gentlemen, hands up how many of you use your partner's fancy skincare when she isn't looking?

Do you stand in front of the bathroom cabinet baffled by the selection of serums, toners, treatments and masks before you finally locate the moisturiser?  

Then you realise it's labelled "Night Time" and you're just starting your day?  Now's the time to start using your own products!  

Whether you're still battling with acne or your skin feels dry or you've noticed a few wrinkles appearing, you can achieve skin that looks and feels better in under two minutes by doing three basic things.


Remove the build up of dirt and grime that occurs on our face.  Do this twice a day, morning (before shaving) and night to keep skin in its best condition.  I recommend

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Liquid Face Wash - Extra Strength,


This prepares the skin for a comfortable shave and leaves it feeling refreshed, never tight or dry.


Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Liquid Face Wash - Extra Strength

Apply a good moisturiser twice a day.  Different people have different skin concerns, so using your partner's moisturiser just won't do.  

Clinique offer a great selection of moisturisers specifically for men.

If you're after sun protection (tradies, I'm talking to you!), I recommend

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men M Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 21

This is lightweight, oil free and absorbs quickly.  

It's suitable for all skin types and a must if you work outdoors.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men M Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 21

If you have dry skin that pulls and you're after maximum hydration, I recommend

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Maximum Hydrator


An intense moisturiser that triggers the skin's ability to build and hold moisture. 

It rehydrates and firms dry skin and helps minimise the look of lines.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Maximum Hydrator

If you want to achieve younger, more revitalised looking skin, I recommend

Clinique For Men Anti-Age Moisturizer, $65

This fast-absorbing, all-day hydrator combats lines, wrinkles and dullness to keep you looking youthful.

It contains skin-strengthening and firming ingredients.

Clinique For Men Anti-Age Moisturizer


The eye area can indicate a lot about your lifestyle.

Late nights at work or at the pub can really show around the eye, resulting in dark circles and puffiness.

This makes you look tired. To smooth out fine lines, dark circles and other signs of hard living, I recommend that all men use an under-eye cream.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense for Eyes , $53

This diminishes the look of dark circles and puffiness immediately and over time and corrects fine lines around the eyes.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense for Eyes

Have you got a specific skin concern?  You can browse our range of Skin Supplies for Men by Clinique or feel free to contact Jacinta, our Clinique Expert via the Ask an Expert Feature.

July 2016

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It arrived in 2 days!
They have an amazing range. I found a product that is getting tough to find. I expected delivery in 10-14 days and it arrived in 2 days! And it's beautifully gift wrapped. They'll be first stop for all beauty and hair [things] from here on out! Wow.
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Amazing service, thank you Kiana Beauty
Ordered on Friday, order posted on Friday and received the next working day! Each item was lovingly and gorgeously wrapped and came with a hand written note. Amazing service, thank you Kiana Beauty, I will be ordering with you again

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