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Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime Perfume Giveaway

With so much chaos and uncertainty in the world, it is human nature to crave familiarity and comfort during times of disarray.

Fragrance is a simple and enriching way to bring comfort to the every day. It can transport you back to a wonderful holiday destination as well as give you hope that you will one day again have wonderful adventures with your favourite people.

High quality fragrances, such as those created by Goldfield & Banks Australia also connect you back to nature as these boutique, luxury perfumes are made using Australian native essences.

To celebrate the release of new bespoke fragrance, Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime Perfume Concentrate Natural Spray, Kiana Beauty has teamed up with Goldfield & Banks creator, Dimitri Weber to give away one full-sized bottle of this invigorating fragrance.

Bohemian Lime Perfume Concentrate Natural Spray is such a welcome distraction during a pandemic.

Byron Bay. Image credit: @goldfield_and_banks_australia

It embodies the essence of beautiful Byron Bay, the most eastern part of Australia, where the sun first shines each day.

Bohemian Lime features tropical notes of lime, coriander and grounding notes of vetiver, cedar wood and sandalwood. This citrus-woody fragrance will transport you to a lush rainforest in Byron Bay and evoke an invigorating, carefree and blissful feeling.

Goldfield & Banks Interview with Dimitri Weber

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new Goldfield & Banks fragrance, Kiana Beauty e-chats with the talented Goldfield & Banks founder, Dimitri Weber.

Kiana Beauty: What is your earliest fragrance memory?

DW: Jacomo de Jacomo, a very French 1980’s woody and oriental fragrance. I must have been 14 years old, I was in Paris when one of my parents’ friends offered me a sample of this fragrance. I was in heaven. I still have the vial. Such beautiful memories of my childhood.

Kiana Beauty: Tell us a little about Goldfield & Banks and your inspiration behind it?

DW: Goldfield & Banks Australia tells a genuine story about botanicals. It celebrates the extraordinary beauty of the country and its botanical richness.

Sandalwood harvested in Western Australia, grows on fields of gold….this triggered me to create my story of Australia through scents. I also wanted to pay a tribute to Joseph Banks, the noble British botanist who established the first

Pictured at Kiana Beauty HQ: Dimitri Weber, well before lockdown.

Royal Botanical Gardens and set foot in Australia with Captain Cook. He was the first to showcase our beautiful native flora to the world!

Kiana Beauty: What is the most popular fragrance you sell? Why do you believe people are drawn to this scent?

Pacific Rock Moss, no doubt is our best seller! This perfume reflects the smell of our beaches on a hot summer day! Everybody wants a piece of the Australian beaches and this perfume captures so well all the different scents you smell in the summer like the sun-drenched aromatic plants around our rock pools and the salty musky air.

Kiana Beauty: What should you look for when you're choosing a fragrance?

DW: Fragrance is deeply personal, so how do you best choose a fragrance?

I try to get as much information as I can from the person who I am gifting to. What does this person like to drink? Where does this person like to travel? What style clothing, what colours does she/he like, what interior, what car, etc. It is absolutely essential to know the person’s preferences before choosing a fragrance. Also knowing when this person will wear the fragrance; nighttime or day time? Special occasions or everyday?

Kiana Beauty: What makes your scents unique?

DW: When you travel in this vast country you discover beauty, scents, flora, sceneries and colours that are unique and that you never see anywhere else in the world.

It takes a foreigner I guess to discover all this beauty and to translate this into a luxury collection of fragrances dedicated to all this beauty. It’s a tribute. France and Italy are the most well known perfume countries because of their wealth of essences and now Australia has everything to become a fragrance country as it has all the same qualities and sometimes even better and on top of that, we have all the local ingredients such as Sandalwood, Blue Cypress, Lavender, gardenia, vanilla, buddha wood oil, etc! All natives that come from a different part of the country and it’s interesting to see how fascinated perfumers are overseas about all this botanical culture.

Kiana Beauty: Goldfields & Banks is getting quite a lot bit of press both locally and internationally, what exciting events do you have coming up? (so customers can follow your journey)

DW: The launch of Bohemian Lime, a new fragrance featuring for the first time Australian Finger Lime. It will also be the most long-lasting citrus fragrance. 

All new retail projects have been put on hold due the current situation but we can already tell that when this period is over, we have some very exciting projects and collaborations with retailers coming up. The future at G&B is bright!

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The winner will be drawn at random & will be announced in @kianabeautymelbourne's story within 72 hours of the competition closing. The winner will be sent the package directly to their doorstep.

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July 2020

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