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How Does Growth Bomb Work?

Many great things in life have evolved from ancient wisdom that is passed down to each generation. Growth Bomb hair care products combine legend with nature to activate hair cells for amazing hair growth.

Growth Bomb works by unleashing the powerful benefits of the yerba maté leaf from the Amazon River. This naturally occurring compound is packed with caffeine, kaempferol, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. These organic compounds provide the ultimate nourishment and optimal conditions for the scalp and hair follicle. When the scalp is healthy, it sustains hair growth and produces strong, healthy hair. 

All this from an amazing leaf.

Which Growth Bomb products are best?

If you're new to the brand, the Growth Bomb products that are the best to try first are:

Growth Bomb Shampoo

Packed with natural ingredients that support hair growth cycle at every stage.

Reduces hair fall. Hair is stronger & fuller.

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Growth Bomb Conditioner 

Nourishes the scalp to support the cycle of hair growth.

Enriched with sunflower oil.

This delivers ceramides, vitamin E & antioxidants to reduce hair loss.

Growth Bomb Serum

Leave-in hair serum.

Strengthens hair, reduces breakage and hair fall.

Hair is full, thick, silky and soft.

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How long does it take for Growth Bomb to work?

It takes about 6 weeks for Growth Bomb to work its magic. 

The scientifically developed formula works on scalp health and every phase of the hair growth cycle.

Aniseed myrtle & native sunflower - Activates hair cells. These ingredients also have anti-inflammatory properties which improve product penetration and prevent sun damage of the hair.

Saw palmetto - Counteracts thinning and weakening of the hair. It does this by supporting the development and maintenance of the hair cell.

Yerba maté & aniseed myrtle - Together, these ingredients improve hair density and thickness. This sustains the hair growth phase for longer before shedding occurs.

How often should I use Growth Bomb Serum?

Use Growth Bomb serum once a day for best results. The good news is that this serum can be applied to damp or dry hair. This is a win because it means you don't have to wash your hair every day!

To make things even better, this serum is a leave-in serum, which means that you don't have to rinse it out.

How do you use Growth Bomb Serum?

Growth Bomb serum is so easy to use.

Simply apply it evenly through wet or dry hair and leave it in. That's it! Use this once a day.

To get the best results, combine the serum with the shampoo and conditioner.

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June 2022

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