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How To Apply Fake Tan At Home - Tips For Achieving The Best Streak-Free Self Tan With Bondi Sands

Image: @bondisands

An unofficial poll at Kiana Beauty HQ shows that we all feel we look better when we have slightly bronzed limbs.

Let's face it though, fake tanning is an art form in itself.

Throughout time we have all witnessed fake tans that have gone oh so wrong - from being too dark, too orange or too streaky.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate go-to self-tanning guide so you can achieve the best possible sun-kissed and streak-free finish this summer, all from the comfort of your home.

Image credit: @bondisands

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1. Prep your skin beforehand

Preparation is the key to streak-free success.

Prep tip 1:  Exfoliate your skin, either the morning of or the night before you are planning to tan. We highly recommend using Bondi Sands Coconut and Sea Salt Body Scrub. The coconut agent provides rich hydration while ensuring the skin is smooth & clean before the application process begins.

Exfoliating will remove any dead skin cells that may create areas of discolouration in your tan, particularly at your feet, elbows, knees, ankles and knuckles.

Prep tip 2: Shave your legs the day before so that the pores have time to seal over again. This will prevent those little brown dots from appearing on the shins after tanning.

2. Application time! Plus how to avoid common self-tanning mistakes

Tip 1. Ensure skin is clean and dry.

However, it is a good idea to apply a little moisturiser to the elbows, knees, ankles, wrists and webs of hands and toes to create a slight barrier and prevent the excess tan from absorbing in these drier areas. 

Tip 2. Begin with your face first

In order for your tan to look eau naturale, you need to ensure that your face matches your body. Bondi Sands Every Day Face Gradual Tanning Milk is enriched with antioxidants, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to ensure that your face is not just beautifully tanned, but also well hydrated and nourished.

If you wish to use your body tan on your face, we recommend mixing it with your daily moisturiser so that you get even coverage, especially if you are prone to acne or face scarring.

Tip 3. Invest in a $10 Application Mitt

Never use your bare hands to apply the tan, unless you want your palms to be several shades darker than the rest of your skin.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mitt is an absolute must-have in our opinion. Not only will it enable you to apply the tan evenly, but it will also prevent your hands from staining!

Housekeeping tip: remember to wash your mitt after every application to maintain a streak-free application next time. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mitt is machine washable for your convenience.

Tip 4. Applying tan to your body

Always apply the tan in a smooth circular motion to distribute the product evenly. This will ensure you avoid a streaky effect, especially on the backs of your legs.

Tip 5. Hands and Feet tips and tricks

Use any residual product that's left on the mitt after you've finished applying your tan to your body - on your hands and feet. We recommend washing your hands half an hour after the application to avoid dark hands.

Tip 6. Tackling those can’t reach spots

Tanning the back is hard!

Ask your partner or a friend to help apply the tan with a mitt. But if this isn't possible, use the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Back Applicator Pack to avoid pulling a back muscle and handle those hard to reach places like a boss.

Bondi Sands Gradual Face Tanning Milk

Image credit: @bondisands

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Image credit: @bondisands

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Image credit: @bondisands

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Tip 7. Don't rush the tanning process

If you're going to commit to fake tanning, slow down and enjoy it as part of your self-care ritual. Anything that makes us look good is worth doing well.

Tip 8. Protect your tan

Wear loose clothes while the colour is developing to prevent any colour build-up and unwanted bra lines.

Showering: Gently pat yourself with a towel post-shower to prevent any tan removal. Use lukewarm water each shower to ensure a longer-lasting tan colour.


Bondi Sands Summer Tan

Image credit: @bondisands

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Made a tanning mistake?

Don't stress, we've all experienced a bad application before. Here's how to remove fake tan that's gone wrong.

If you have a preference for baths, all you need to do is apply some body oil, then soak in some hot water and start scrubbing with a good body scrub to remove the tan. 

If you love a shower, use a shower gel to wash the skin, then exfoliate well with a body scrub.

If all else fails, head to the beach. The sand is excellent at removing fake tan and at least you'll have fun and forget about your tanning woes.

Image credit: @bondisands

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3. Making your self-tan last

Moisture, moisturise then moisturise some more to ensure your tan remains streak-free and lasts longer.

We love Bondi Sands Body Moisturiser as it is enriched with vitamin E and jojoba to hydrate and nourish the skin. It has also been carefully pH balanced so that it can extend the life of the tan.

4. How to pick the perfect self-tan formula based on your time frame.

Now that you know how to apply the perfect streak-free tan, let's help you find the perfect Bondi Sands tanning product based on your needs.

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A Natural Glow

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk is for you.

Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E for healthy, glowing skin, it glides on effortlessly for a long-lasting golden tan every time. This product is used as a base tanning agent and needs to be applied daily until you receive your desired colour.

Did we also mention that it is spray-free?

Perfect for: Gradual tans are good for those looking for an easy, fuss-free application & pale skin tones.

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A medium-coverage is seen in this photo.

Time poor, disorganised or in a hurry?

Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam is the perfect tanning solution for you.

This item is a cult favourite and will give you a sunkissed look in just 60 minutes!

The lightweight foam will leave your skin glowing and smelling heavenly with its light coconut scent.

Perfect For: Time-poor tanners who want to achieve the perfect glow in an hour.

Shades and times guide:

  • Leave on for 30 minutes for a light/medium tan coverage
  • Leave on for 1 hour for a dark tan coverage
  • Leave on for 2-3 hours for darkest tan coverage

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    A dark coverage is seen in this photo.

    Quick and Effective

    Need a fake tan that dries very quickly and gives quick colour?

    Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil will help you reach your goals. It sets in minutes, develops within an hour and leaves you bronzed for up to one week!

    The lightweight foam will leave your skin glowing and smelling heavenly with its light coconut scent.

    Perfect For: Most skin tones and time poor tanners.

    Image credit: @bondisands (Shop now)

    A dark tan coverage is shown here

    The Last Minute Life Saver

    Find yourself getting caught out, spur of the moment? Or perhaps you’re relentless for changing outfits last minute. You’ll never get caught out with Bondi Sands GLO Gloss Finishing Glow on standby.

    This is by far Australia’s favourite instant tan finisher as it is both transfer and water-resistant.

    This little sparkler can be applied on the face and the body and can be used on its own or added on top of your tan for an irresistible glow.

    Perfect For: Heading out on an occasion for added shimmer. This goes over your tan for a high glow effect.

    Image credit: @bondisands (Shop now)

    Application coverage shown is Dark

    Salon Quality Finish

    Have a weekly tanning night scheduled into your calendar? Well done you experienced self-tanner!

    You will love the Bondi Sands Aero Aerated Self Tanning Foam just like Steph Claire Smith, Bondi Sands’ own ambassador.

    The Aero uses a super-fast drying agent formulated to set in an instant, which means you can go straight to bed after tanning without imparting colour on your sheets! How amazing is that?!

    The foam tanning mousse application takes 6 hours to develop, so you will wake up with a beautiful, deep salon-quality tan.

    The advanced formula provides the longest-lasting tan within the Bondi Sands range.

    Perfect For: Tanners looking for the deepest, long-lasting tan & have olive skin tones.

    Need some help finding the best tanning product or the right shade for you? Why not ask our beauty experts via our Ask an Expert feature?

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