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How to do a Simple Smokey Eye

Emily, our Napoleon Perdis expert does a stunning and sultry smokey eye.  The best bit?

She only uses two shades of eyeshadow to achieve this look AND it can be done in under five minutes.

Emily shows us how to create a striking smokey eye for green eyes, blue eyes and brown eyes.  

This technique can be used with any colour palette.  

All you need is two complementary shades.  

You can thank her later.

Emily, Napoleon Perdis Expert

Whatever your eye colour, three rules apply when creating a smokey eye.


1.  Apply the lighter colour first.

Apply the lighter colour all over the eyelid, and blend it up to the crease.  You want the light colour to fade to just under the brown bone.


2.  Apply the darker colour second.

Apply the darker colour to the outer corner of the eye like a backward letter 'C'. Where you concentrate the depth of colour will vary for your eye shape.  Remember to tap excess eyeshadow off your brush and start lightly.  You can always build up the intensity.
  • Round eyes: Apply the darkest colour on the outer lid and blend it outwards to elongate the eye.
  • Almond eyes:  Concentrate the darkest colour along the crease to define it and open up the eye.
  • Hooded eyes**:  Hooded eyes are the exception.  Place the darker colour all over the mobile lid and then blend and fade the colour out to the crease line. You can then put a lighter colour under the brow bone and blend the two colours together.  This creates the illusion of a larger eyelid.

    See green eyes for how to achieve a smokey eye for hooded eyes


3.  Blend, blend, blend.

You don't need to have a fancy brush range in order to do a smokey eye.  

Just one hard-working brush can be used for both applying and blending the light and dark eyeshadow.  

You can achieve a smokey eye with a natural eyeshadow palette, however if you want your eyes to pop, I recommend the following:


Green Eyes

Green Smokey Eyes Effect

Make green eyes pop with Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in All that Shiraz and Skinny Dip.  

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Napoleon Perdis Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip


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Please note, this is an example of a smokey look for a hooded eye.  

In this case, the darker colour is all over the mobile lid and the lighter colour just under the brow bone, then blended together.


Brown Eyes

Brown Smokey Eye Effect

Brown eyes will smoulder with Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in Angel Dust and Tawny Temptress

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Napoleon Perdis Angel Dust

Angel Dust


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Blue Eyes  

Blue Smokey Eyes Effect

Make blue eyes look sultry with a sweep of Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in Chocolate Ganache and Queen of the Night


Complete the look

Complete the look by lining the eyes with Napoleon Perdis China Doll Gel Eye Liner in Yin for a sharp effect or Forbidden City for a softer look.  

Finish with a coat of Napoleon Perdis Mesmer-Eyes Mascara.  

Now you're ready for wherever the night takes you.

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August 2016

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