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How to Conceal Under-Eye Dark Circles and Skin Blemishes with Chanel

Dark circles under the eyes are annoying. They make us look tired and older and will make an appearance for most of us at various times in our lives.

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of under-eye dark circles.

These include:

  • Ageing: as we get older, our skin becomes thinner and we lose fat and collagen, making our skin less elastic and the blood vessels more visible.
  • Complexion: dark circles are more visible against pale skin, but people with olive skin are also more prone to under-eye dark circles.
  • Sleep deprivation: aim for eight hours. Not only is this good for your complexion, it is great for your overall health.
  • Dehydration: water consumption makes your skin look plump whereas dehydration makes your skin more frail looking which means that blood vessels are more visible.
  • Lifestyle: smoking and a diet high in processed foods and low in vegetables may exacerbate dark circles.
  • Allergies: and other inflammatory conditions can irritate the skin and blood vessels underneath which makes dark circles more visible.
  • Hormonal changes: hello pregnancy!
  • Genetics: unfortunately you can't do anything to change your genes, but concealer will help.
  • Other: iron deficiency. If you are concerned about this, please see your doctor.

With so many different internal and external factors that contribute to the appearance of dark circles, it is easy to feel defeated. Don't despair!

With the right application of makeup and concealers, you can go about your day with confidence by minimising the appearance of dark circles.

We touch base with Jaki, Kiana Beauty's wonderful team leader and manager, to learn her tips on how to conceal dark under-eye circles (and other skin blemishes) using her favourite Chanel concealers.

Let's tackle dark circles first. Should we be applying concealer before or after foundation?

Jaki: Foundation shouldn't be applied under the eye area as it is too heavy and will settle into the fine lines.

We recommend that you only apply concealer under the eye area.

You get the best results if you apply your concealer to the under-eye area after you have applied foundation to your face, and then use your fingers to gently pat the concealer, blending it into the foundation so that there is no distinctive line between the two.

Choose a concealer that is specific to your concerns. This means that you may need more than one concealer if you have multiple concerns.

For example, if you want to cover the dark circles under your eyes, you need a concealer that is light reflecting in order to brighten the area.

 Chanel Eclat Lumière - Highlighter Face Pen

The Chanel Eclat Lumière - Highlighter Face Pen is perfect for reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes which will make your complexion look brighter. 

It has a luxurious, soft brush that allows you to precisely apply the right amount of concealer to the dark area.

This beautiful concealer can either be used on its own under the eyes if you are going foundation-free for a natural but luminous look, or it can be used when you are wearing foundation to add more radiance to your flawless finish.

Help us out with blemishes, Jaki. We thought those years were behind us, but it turns out that imperfections can appear at any age!

How should we be applying concealer if we wish to correct the appearance of blemishes or other skin discolourations?

Jaki: I absolutely love Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel - Longwear Concealer for its blurring effect. It contains natural minerals to reflect the light and blur the appearance of imperfections.

It has a beautiful, creamy consistency that smoothly glides onto the skin to reduce the appearance of spots and discolourations.

This concealer can be applied before foundation to cover skin blemishes, or it can be used for light touch-ups during the day.

Remember that it's best not to apply foundation under the eye area.

Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel - Longwear Concealer

Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel - Longwear Concealer, is available in 3 different shades. Pictured here in shade 30 Beige.

You only need a light application of this concealer to effectively cover problem areas, and you can feather it out so that it blends in with the foundation.

Going away or short on bathroom space? This creamy concealer can also be used under the eyes to diminish the appearance of dark circles and brighten the area.

It contains a brown seaweed derivative which re-energises dull looking complexions for a fresher and more rested look.

Have more questions about makeup and concealer for your skin concerns?

Why not contact Jaki, our team leader extraordinaire or Liz, Kiana Beauty's Chanel expert via our Ask an Expert feature and they will be happy to help.

Did you know that all Kiana Beauty Chanel orders are lovingly wrapped in Chanel signature giftwrap and come with a handwritten note from one of our team members.

Kiana Beauty is also proud to offer free delivery on orders over $50 within Australia and now you can use Afterpay to buy your favourite Chanel skincare, makeup and fragrance from Kiana Beauty using Afterpay.

June 2019

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