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How to Make Perfume Last Longer

Are you a fragrance lover?

Some people have many different fragrances and will select what to wear based on their mood and the occasion. Others have one signature scent that they might wear everyday for years or even decades. Some feel naked without perfume or cologne, whereas others only wear fragrances on special occasions.

Our fragrances are a subtle way of expressing our personality. You might choose a bold scent when you're feeling confident, or a light perfume when you're happy.

We chat to Jaki, Kiana Beauty's certified fragrance expert, for tips on how to get the most out of your perfume.


Fragrance Expert at Kiana Beauty


How to store your perfume

The best place to store your perfume is somewhere cool without too much sunlight, and with a consistent temperature. Somewhere like a shelf in your wardrobe or in a drawer is good.

Most people don't realise that perfumes can break down and spoil. It is so important to store your perfumes appropriately to ensure they retain their original scent for the longest possible time.

Firstly, fragrances should not be stored in the bathroom. Bathrooms have too much humidity, heat and moisture. This can affect the quality of your perfume. Likewise, storing your fragrances on a window ledge exposes them to too much sunlight and heat. These are two enemies of perfumes.

What about keeping fragrances in the fridge?

Storing fragrances in the fridge is usually not necessary and the cold may affect the scent. However, some of our customers swear by it, especially those that live in tropical areas where it can get really hot and humid.

Where to spray perfume?

The best places to spray perfume are the wrist, décolletage, behind the knees and even on your clothes.

There's a bit of myth that perfume should be sprayed on the neck. I don't advise this because fragrances can sensitise the skin to the sun and over time, this can result in discolouration of your skin.

How to make perfume last longer on skin

The best way to make perfume last longer on skin is to layer it.

Many fragrances, are available as other scented products. Using a bath soap or shower gel is a great start and then you can apply a body lotion or cream to clean skin afterwards before applying your perfume.

Whilst the cost of these scented products may seem expensive, they are of such high quality that you only need to apply the size of a 10 cent piece to lather the whole body. This forms the base for further layering.

Body lotions are best applied to a damp warm body. This allows the scent to be absorbed well and is more cost effective, as you use less lotion.

By layering your scent, you increase the longevity of your perfume as well as its intensity. It is a way of announcing "I have arrived " by capturing the attention of others with your fragrance trail.

I have also consulted with customers who have a reduced sense of smell for reasons such as chemotherapy, and they find that layering on their scent allows them to still smell and feel like they used to.

Perfumed body lotion

A perfumed body lotion is a luxurious way of moisturising your body and enhancing your favourite scent. After you have moisturised your body, spritz on your perfume. This will envelope your body with fragrance and make your perfume last longer. 


Travel Perfume

A travel size perfume or purse spray is small enough to fit into your handbag or gym bag. This makes it easy to touch-up your perfume on the go.

Small perfume bottles for travel are strong and sturdy enough to withstand bumps. The volume is also small enough so that they can be carried in your hand luggage on planes.

You can read more about choosing a travel perfume here.


Finally, what's your favourite fragrance Jaki?

I have an extensive fragrance wardrobe and choose my fragrance depending on the occasion and mood.

During the day, I love to wear a feminine perfume such as Armani Si or Miss Dior.

At night, I choose a bolder scent such as Alien perfume and I spritz Alien hair mist to prolong the longevity of the scent.

My last piece of advice is don't just save your favourite perfume for special occasions. Fragrance is meant to be worn and enjoyed! We all deserve to feel special every day, no matter what is going on in our little world. 


If you need some help choosing a new fragrance, feel free to contact Jaki via our Ask an Expert feature.

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