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How To Spring Clean Your Skincare With Trilogy

Finally, spring is in the air in Australia!

A time when sweet freesias begin to bloom, when we lighten up our wardrobes and wear more colour!

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Spring is also a great time to de-clutter your bathroom and clean up your skincare routine in order to maintain a healthy complexion through the warmer months.

Here are our top tips for switching up your skincare routine this spring, using Trilogy, New Zealand's' number one skincare company.

We love that Trilogy is carbon neutral and that it combines the best natural ingredients with the very best of science to create powerful, natural skincare that isn't tested on animals.

How to use Trilogy skincare to glow this spring

Tip 1: Switch to a Lighter Moisturiser

As the weather warms up and the humidity picks up, you need to stop using heavy facial moisturisers and switch to lighter alternatives.

We love the new Trilogy Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion. Not only does it hydrate skin with the powerful rosehip oil, but it also boosts luminosity and radiance with anti-oxidant rich Vitamin C as well as reducing pigmentation with daisy extract.

This moisturising lotion is suitable for all skin types and is an absolute treat for the senses with the light, sweet scent of mandarin oil.

Can be used morning and night on the face, neck and decolletage.

For best results, pair this with the Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  $39.95 (Shop Now)


Tip 2: Brighten Your Skin and Target Pigmentation

Kick-start your skin's renewal process with Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment.

Increased sun exposure during spring also increases the appearance of pigmentation so now is the time to start using brightening serums.

This miracle treatment contains 6% natural, high potency vitamin C in its freshest form.
Once activated, fresh vitamin C powder is mixed with hyaluronic acid concentrate to create a booster treatment that helps brighten and smooth the skin, while daisy extract illuminates and rosehip oil nourishes.

This treatment oil will be your secret skincare weapon.

Use it twice a day for two consecutive weeks to visibly brighten your complexion and reduce the appearance of dull skin. 

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  $39.95 (Shop Now)


Tip 3: Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

Every day our skin is exposed to environmental pollutants, makeup and cleansing is super important in removing these impurities from our skin.

We absolutely love Trilogy's new certified natural cleanser, Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil

It feels so silky on the skin as it transforms from an oil to cleansing milk and effortlessly melts away makeup and impurities.

Enriched with nourishing rosehip, sweet almond and papaya, not only does this divine cleanser perfectly clean the skin, but it will also leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully hydrated.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  $28.95 (Shop Now)


Tip 4: Nourish your skin with the right oil for YOU

We all know that eating good quality oils, such as extra virgin olive oil and avocados have great health benefits. These oils are packed with antioxidants and fat soluble vitamins D and E which prevent cell damage and maintain moisture in the skin.

But did you know that your skin also hugely benefits when you apply good quality oil to it, without leaving it feeling oily? 

Let us help you find the BEST Trilogy face oil for your skin.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts


Dry skin or Normal skin

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is an award-winning and best seller for good reason. It is the best organic face oil for nourishing, hydrating and repairing your skin so that it has a gorgeous glow and feels soft and supple.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  from $35.95 (Shop Now)

Made with pure, cold-pressed and wild-harvested organic rosehip seed oil, this bottle of liquid gold is also bursting with a minimum of 80% essential fatty acid from omega 3 and 6 and fatty acid omega 9.

These deeply nourishing ingredients will work at a cellular level to really nourish and hydrate your skin as well as protect it from environmental damage, resulting in skin that is radiant and healthy.

We love that this face oil absorbs in so easily and feels non-greasy and really light on the skin, yet is powerful enough to effectively reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

This luxurious oil can be massaged onto the face as part of your day time skincare routine for a lovely treat and can also be used at night time so that you wake up with a beautiful glow.

Going out and want a little extra glow?  Dab a small amount onto your cheekbones for a seriously beautiful glow and on your lips for a healthy shine.


Dull skin

Many factors can cause your skin to lose its natural glow, from dehydration, emotional stress or environmental damage. 

The way we feel can affect the way our skin looks, but the way our skin looks can also impact the way we feel about ourselves.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + is quite frankly a little miracle worker at giving dull skin a boost and will become your new best friend.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  from $17.95 (Shop Now)

This powerful facial oil is packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants to not only hydrate and protect the skin from environmental damage but also brighten and tone the skin and give it back its gorgeous natural glow.

This secret ally will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve your skin's elasticity and firmness, so that it not only looks brighter and clearer, but also younger.

Sign. Me. Up!

You can view the full Trilogy Rosehip Range here.


Oily/Combination skin

Let's get this straight. People with oily or combination skin still need to apply facial oils, because even oily skin needs to be nourished.

Oily/combination skin produces excess sebum, which leaves the complexion feeling greasy, looking shiny and more prone to breakouts.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend is made with certified organic rosehip oil and has a beautiful light texture that feels so beautiful on oily skin. It will balance and regulate the skin's oil production, thanks to grapeseed and nourish the skin, without causing breakouts!

This lightweight facial oil is easily absorbed and improves skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles so that your skin looks healthier and more radiant without looking shiny.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  $35.95 (Shop Now)

This bottle of liquid gold is packed with goodness that is the best for oily skin. Essential fatty acids from rosehip and cranberry moisturise and repair the skin, while jojoba works hard to clarify the skin and lycopene from tomato helps to protect the skin against environmental damage.

Mature skin

At Kiana Beauty, we love healthy, mature skin. It tells the beautiful story of your life and comes with so much more perspective and wisdom.

Having said that, we're still all for helping you have your best possible skin at every stage of your life!

As we get older, our skin may lose some of its elasticity and brightness. Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum will boost your skin's recovery and radiance thanks to co-enzyme Q10, macadamia and tamanu.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  $43.95 (Shop Now)

This luxurious oil is quickly and easily absorbed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create a glowing, radiant complexion.

It can be applied morning and/or night, but don't forget to apply it down to your neck and decolletage too.

Want more powerful natural ingredients that will help to age-proof your skin? You can view Trilogy's full range of Age Proof skincare here.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be extremely frustrating with its telltale redness, irritation, dryness or itchiness.

Sensitive skin needs gentle products to repair and protect it, and Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil is their gentlest facial oil yet.

Photo credit: @trilogyproducts  $37.95 (Shop Now)

This delicate, fragrance-free blend of pure plant oils will gently nourish sensitive skin and visibly smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

It is infused with essential fatty acids and antioxidants to protect sensitive skin against free radical damage while keeping it soft, smooth and comfortable.

Do not use this product on broken skin.

You can view the full range of Trilogy Very Gentle skincare for sensitive skin here.

Need more help tailoring a skincare regimen to your needs this spring? Why not ask Jaki, Kiana Beauty's all-around skincare and makeup guru via our Ask an Expert feature.

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