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How to Up Your Brow Game with Emily, Kiana Beauty's Napoleon Perdis Guru

In case you hadn’t noticed, eyebrows are having a seriously big moment right now.

When they’re done well, brows frame the face, balance your features and instantly make you look more polished, even with very little makeup on.  We are obsessed with brows at Kiana Beauty and are firm believers that everyone should be filling their brows in.

Emily (our Napoleon Perdis guru who is a proud bold brow girl) shares her tips for upping your brow game at home.  Whether you have sparse brows, thin brows, unruly, or gappy brows, we’ve got you covered.


    Gorgeous Emily and her beautiful, bold brows.


Brows are in.

Whether they’re bold or soft is irrelevant, eyebrows must always, always be filled in.  I would never finish a look without filling in the brows.  They define the face.

There are so many different brow shapes and everyone is different.  Some people need a strong brow and others look great with something softer.  It’s a personal preference.  Napoleon has created so many wonderful brow products to choose from, whether your preference is for a pencil, gel or powder.  He has catered for the soft brow, all the way up to the supermodel brow.  

It's so easy to select the right Napoleon Perdis brow product for your brows as the range is nice and simple. You just have to choose whether you prefer to use a gel, powder or pencil.

If you prefer to use a gel, then the Browtox or Wand-er Brow are for you. Both of these come with a grooming brush to help tame and shape the brows.  You can easily build the intensity of the brow colour using either of these products.

The Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil will give you a softer, more natural look.  It is a retractable pencil, so there is no sharpening required and it’s never blunt. Use short strokes for a feathered look.

The Couture Brow Kit allows you to customise the intensity of your look.  Apply the wax to your brows before the powder for a bolder look, which looks great with a smokey eye or with a bold lip.  If you are going for a bold, strong brow you should also be wearing other makeup so that the brows don’t dominate your face.  Remember, it’s about framing, not dominating.

For a more subtle brow, use the powder alone.  This is a great look for those days when you want to look polished with minimal makeup effort.

If you have over-plucked or sparse brows, then listen closely… The Couture Brow Kit is for you. Use the powder alone to make brows look fuller by applying it just underneath each arch and blending through using the brow brush.   You can then use the eyebrow pencil to feather on individual hairs.

Drawing the perfect length for your eyebrows is easy, so don’t be intimidated, just follow the guide below.

Get a brush and line it up from the outside of your nose straight up to your eye and this is where your brows should begin.

You then need to angle your brush against your nose to the outer corner of your eye and this is where your brows should end.

Lastly, remember that your brows should be done after you’ve put on your foundation base, but before eyeshadow, mascara and lips.


Thanks so much Emily for all your eyebrow advice. If you have any questions for Emily, send them through via our Ask an Expert page.

We’d love to see your brow game.  Remember to tag us in any of your photos with #kianabeauty

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