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Is Lancome Skin Care Worth the Money?

When we spend our money on skin care, we expect it to deliver results that are worth paying for. Stav, co-owner of Kiana Beauty, takes a deep dive into Lancôme skin care. She looks past the beautiful packaging and the stunning ambassadors to find out whether Lancôme skin care is worth the money.

Is Lancome Skin Care Worth The Money?

In a nutshell, yes, Lancome skin care is worth the money. At Kiana Beauty, we personally try out products before we decide whether to stock a brand in our store.

Here's why we think this premium skin care range is worth the money.

Lancome is backed by Scientific Research

Lancome has partnered with 23 global microbiome science experts and carried out 57 clinical trials. These trials have generated more than 500 million data points. Lancôme is using this data to develop their skin care, so that they create the best possible products.

This research has highlighted that a balanced skin microbiome is essential to skin health.

Dermatology Professor Richard Gallo (MD, Ph.D) states that the skin microbiome is negatively impacted by pollution, stress, UV and other environmental aggressors. In addition to this, research Microbiologist Dr Ahmad Khodr summarises that a harmonised microbiome plays a major role in skin defence. "Your microbiome evolves with age and pollution can trigger premature signs of ageing".

"The Lancome Advanced Genifique NEW formula was designed to support the microbiome's ability to protect, regulate and repair the skin."

It contains pre and probiotic fractions that help protect and regulate the beneficial organisms on the skin. With continued use of one bottle, your skin appears younger, stronger and more radiant.

Advanced Genifique Serum. Image credit: @annaacossack via @lancomeofficial

Read more about Lancome serums here.

High Grade Purity of Ingredients

There are some ingredients that are relatively common in skin care. However, the purity of the ingredient will change the quality of the product.

We can see this in the food industry too. For example, many of us have eaten tomatoes which are absolutely tasteless, despite looking like a good tomato. These tomatoes are generally picked too early, to remain firm, which makes them easier to transport. Compare this to a tomato that you've purchased from a local Farmer's Market, grown organically and picked in the height of the season.

These are both tomatoes, but their nutritional value, taste and price are very different.

Lancôme is committed to protecting and restoring biodiversity during the cultivation of raw ingredients. They also practice regenerative and responsible farming to ensure that they are growing the highest quality of ingredients to create exceptional products.

Lancôme estate in Grasse, South of France. Image credit: Lancôme USA.

For example, the rose is not just a symbol for Lancôme. It is also one of the brand's favourite ingredients due to its hydrating and regenerating properties. Furthermore, the rose is present in Lancôme skin care, fragrances and makeup. The rose (and other nature derived ingredients) is grown organically on 10 acres of land in Grasse, South of France.

Lancôme is cultivating these fields with a diversity of flowers and plants. These include beech bud, iris, aloe vera, jasmine and vanilla. This practice creates the ideal conditions in the estate to regenerate biodiversity and preserve iconic species. This means that you, the end user will benefit from the best that plants have to offer.

Exclusive Formulations

Lancôme doesn't use generic formulations from a third-party manufacturer, which can be common in the beauty industry. Instead they use research, time and innovation to enhance the stability and efficacy of their formulations.

For example, the Lancome Tonique Confort ingredients leave dry skin feeling hydrated and so refreshed. The unique formula has been tested under dermatological control. 
This face toner removes makeup and impurities very well, leaving you with a clean and clear complexion.  However, the magic is in the sweet almond and honey extract which soothe the skin and leave it feeling so incredibly soft and velvety

Tonique Confort Face Toner for Dry Skin - leaves skin feeling soft and velvety.


Lancome Renergie Eye Cream. Image credit: @lancomeofficial

Meanwhile, Lancôme acknowledge that the eyes are the most demanding areas of the face. This is because the eyes reveal your age more than any other feature. Using this knowledge, Lancôme created the Renergie Multi Lift Eye Cream.

They coupled potent Linseed extract exclusively sourced in France with naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid. Both of these ingredients were extracted with cutting edge technology. The result? A silky smooth eye cream that deeply moisturises, instantly fills wrinkles and brightens the under eye area.

This Lancôme eye cream for wrinkles is scientifically proven to be a multi-tasker for your eyes.

Benefits Beyond the Skin Care Itself

Lancôme is a leading luxury beauty brand.

In addition to this, they lead the way with their commitment to:

  • sustainability,
  • reducing environmental impact
  • the philanthropic cause, Write Her Future.

Through this program, Lancôme has empowered vulnerable women since 2017.

Lancôme provides access to education, mentoring and entrepreneurship. To date, 32,000 women have benefited from this program across 14 countries and regions.

By 2022, Lancôme aims to reach 100,000 beneficiaries.

Fracoise Lehmann, Lancome Global Brand President is accelerating the brand's transformation. She is addressing critical planetary and societal issues to build a more sustainable future for all.


Kiana Beauty is proud to be an official Lancôme stockist.

We know that you will love their amazing products as much as we do.

Need some help finding the best Lancôme skin care for your needs? Feel free to contact us via our Ask an Expert feature.

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