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My Basic Self Care Routine: An Entrepreneur shares the Importance of Daily Pauses

Lyndall Mitchell is an overachiever, with her feet firmly planted on the ground.

She is the founder of award-winning Aurora Spas and creator of ASPAR home spa kit and wellbeing products. In addition to this, she has carved a successful career as a certified wellness coach, a best-selling author and is mum to two beautiful girls.

To say that Lyndall Mitchell is busy is an understatement. We chat with this successful entrepreneur to discuss the importance of daily pauses, competing priorities and creating a calm home spa environment.

Q: What made you want to create your own self care product range?

LM: I grew up surrounded by nature in Currumbin Valley, Queensland. When I finished school, I worked at Australia's pioneering health retreat just up the road, where the seed was planted. I wanted to create an urban retreat for guests which gave clients permission to pause. This was the beginning of Aurora Spa.

At Aurora Spa I was hand mixing products with the knowledge I had learnt at the retreat and from my upbringing and love of nature. Our clients were great at giving feedback so that we could further improve our formulations.

It wasn't until a client asked to buy some of the products we used in the treatment that I considered selling the product. This was how ASPAR was born - by listening to what our clients really wanted.

Our core focus was and still is to create the most effective therapeutic spa treatments and home spa kit products.

Q: How do you handle competing priorities?

LM: Being really clear on my own values has been really important as they are the foundations of my decision making. They influence the choices that I make and keep me aligned to what really matters. Having my own business has enabled me to adapt to the various chapters of motherhood and I'm so grateful to have had the flexibility when I needed it.

I love the variety of work that I have and coach a lot of people who have their own business around the topic of managing time. I put structures in place that allow me to have dedicated time to grow my business as well as to have a great work/life balance most of the time. This doesn't mean it's bulletproof. However, the majority of time it works well.

Q: What were some of your early challenges when creating the product range?

LM: When I started ASPAR I had very little knowledge of what it took to create a product company that is a volume-based business. I had worked predominately in spas and retreats, so this was a steep and wonderful learning curve for me. It is also important to us that the wellness for our brand extends not only to the people using our product but also the planet. All of our products are made in Melbourne. Treading lightly on our precious planet is important to us.

Q: How do you create a basic self care routine at home?

LM: I have what I like to call Daily Pauses. These are intentional moments throughout the day where you can pause and nourish your nervous system. Every time I wash my hands I take 3 deep breaths. This simple ritual can really impact how you feel at the end of the day. It is a little spa "me-moment" every time I wash my hands.

The 3 simple hand washing steps I follow are:

1. Pump the ASPAR Botanical Hand Wash into your hands.

2. Emulsify with water and wash hands.

3. Take 3 deep breaths of the hand wash BEFORE you rinse it away.

This 3 step is both a mind and body experience - the essential oils are working to calm the mind and the hand wash is taking care of the physical cleansing.

Then there are the bookends of my day - how I start the day and how I finish the day.

We can't always control what happens in the middle of the day, however we can control how we start the day and how we finish the day.

ASPAR Botanical Hand Wash. Image credit: @everyday.home

My Morning Ritual

This is all about energy and clarity of thought.

Make my bed (First success habit of the day that builds momentum for the next habit).

Move my body a little. 

Have a mindful shower with my Grapefruit & Seaweed Body Cleanser.

I apply this over the body then take 3 deep breaths.

My Self Care Night Routine

This is all about switching off and unwinding.

For me, the evening ritual involves: meditation, journalling and thermal balm application on my neck and shoulders to help release tension and help me switch off.


Lighting one of the essential oil candles will also help to calm the mind and lift the spirits after a busy day.

Create your own basic self care routine with these ASPAR best-sellers:


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