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Our Favourite Face Masks to Keep Your Skin Glowing in the Colder Weather!

Sometimes your skin just looks or feels a bit...ugh. It could be due to stress, or environmental conditions like air-conditioning or heating, too many late nights, or even hormones.

In these cases, a night at home with a decent face mask can do wonders. And if you incorporate face masks into your skincare routine regularly, your skin will thank you for it.

We've listed some of our favourite face masks to get your skin glowing in the colder weather.

I have dry skin that is desperate for a boost of moisture.

My skin has blemishes and I often get acne spots.

My skin needs a deep cleanse and I'd love for it to regain its radiant glow.

My skin is sensitive and turns red easily, or I've recently had laser treatment.

My skin needs a decent overhaul!

My skin needs some SERIOUS pampering with truly luxurious ingredients.

At Kiana Beauty, we are proud to offer skincare to suit every skin type, and every budget. To see our full range of face masks, click here.

Got a question? Click here or email us at, and one of our beauty experts will get back to you soon.

June 2017

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It arrived in 2 days!
They have an amazing range. I found a product that is getting tough to find. I expected delivery in 10-14 days and it arrived in 2 days! And it's beautifully gift wrapped. They'll be first stop for all beauty and hair [things] from here on out! Wow.
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Amazing service, thank you Kiana Beauty
Ordered on Friday, order posted on Friday and received the next working day! Each item was lovingly and gorgeously wrapped and came with a hand written note. Amazing service, thank you Kiana Beauty, I will be ordering with you again

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