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Kiana Beauty in Melbourne Mum's Guide Talking Pregnancy Skin Care

23 June 2015

Dealing with skin changes brought about by pregnancy hormones is tricky and can be even more difficult trying to work out exactly what is safe to use for yourself and bubs.

As a pharmacist, mum and one of the owners of Kiana Beauty, I recently teamed up with Mandy from the Melbourne Mum’s Guide Blog to write an article about Pregnancy Skincare.

The Melbourne Mum’s Guide Blog is all about showcasing and sharing all that’s wonderful about Melbourne, especially for mums and children. It’s a great resource for local Melbourne mums as well as those visiting Melbourne and its surrounds.

Our article contains some general information on the skin changes that can occur during pregnancy, most of which are unwelcome and unwanted!

Many pregnant women are often shocked to discover an outbreak of acne when pregnant, something they thought they had left behind during their teenage years. Our article will help you to choose products which are effective and safe during your pregnancy.

We also talk about stretch marks and recommend some products which we personally love to help minimise them. All these products and more are available at Kiana Beauty Melbourne.

Don’t forget about our “Ask Our Experts” feature if you have any beauty-related questions. We’d love to help.


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