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5 Men's Fragrances on His Wishlist This Father's Day

26 August 2021


Father figure. Teller of bad jokes. Fixer of most things. Helps keep secrets from mum.

Dads, stepdads, and granddads are many great things. But let's be honest, they are also really tricky to buy gifts for. The chances are you've done the usual slippers, pyjamas or gadget and you're looking to switch things up with something equally personal but way more stylish this time round.

This year, we're taking inspiration from the real and authentic dads behind Kiana Beauty to help you with Father's Day gift ideas in Australia.

We've got all your men's fragrance needs covered with over 140 Globally recongised scents to choose from. Your dad/ granddad/ step dad will not only smell amazing, but will also think of you every day when he uses your gift.

The best bit? All Kiana Beauty orders come with free signature giftwrap and free Father's Day gift delivery on all orders over $50.

Here Are Five Fragrances Our Team Would Love To Receive This Father's Day:

Mick's Favourite - Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum

For A Dad Who Likes: Woody Ambery Scents

Mick is the husband of Loreece, our Natural Beauty Expert.

Q: What is your favourite fragrance?

The fragrance I always reach to is Dior Sauvage Eau De Parfum.

My second favourite would be Code Absolu (voted our best Armani perfume for men 2021). 

Q: What attracts you to this scent?

A: I love that both of these fragrances are warm, with a mix of fresh notes and spice. When I wear either of these colognes, it reminds me of being on holidays. 

(from $125) Shop Now

Q: What I love about being a father?

A: My favourite thing about being a dad is seeing my childern Will and Mali live life to the fullest. Watching them grow, spending time with them and exploring new places on our family holidays. 

Pete's Favourite - Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

For A Dad Who Likes: Woody Ambery Scents

Pete is one of our Pharmacy Directors. You will find Pete behind the dispensary at our Eden Rise Pharmacy or fixing IT tech glitches across stores. He also happens to be the husband of Stav, one of our co-founders. He wins extra brownie points by often trying out our new fragrances.

Q: What fragrance is on your wishlist for Father's Day?

A: This year, the fragrance on my wishlist for Father's Day is Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette.

Q: What attracts you to this scent?

A: I love this fragrance because it is a lighter version of the classic Dior Eau Sauvage which my own dad enjoys wearing.

 (from $109) Shop Now

I've opted for the more contemporary and lighter version, so that I can enjoy this as an 'everyday' fragrance, without overpowering others around me. I have also found this to be one of the best all-year-round fragrances.

It has the citrus/fruity base of the original Eau Sauvage yet is modernised by vanilla and woody amber notes.

Q: What do you love about being a father?

A:I love seeing my 3 boys develop their own interests and opinions as they grow.  It's fascinating how snippets of my own interests are present in all 3 of them, which blend in with their own passions to make them unique individuals. I love that they have the self-confidence to choose their own AFL team, different sporting pursuits and genre of music.  It is such a privilege to witness their personality evolve as they grow.

Tracy's Favourite - L'Occitane Eau de Toilette Cap Cedrat

For A Dad Who Likes: Woody Citrus Scents

Q: What is a fragracne on your wishlist?

A: I would love to receive the L'Occitane Eau de Toilette Cap Cedrat this Father's Day.

Q: What attracts you to this fragrance?

A: This is my favourite cologne. It reminds me of being in nature and on the water, which I absolutely love. It is a citrus and woody cologne with refreshing notes of mint as well as some warm spices. When I wear this, it really does feel like I have left the city and escaped into the great outdoors.

 ($79) Shop Now

Q: What do you love about being a father?

A: Seeing my children grow into responsible adults with integrity and principles. They are now loving parents themselves and I love spending time with them and my grandchildren on holidays at Lakes Entrance. I have many happy childhood memories there with my own parents and now with my children and grandchildren too.

As a 'Pa', I love enthusiastically stirring up the grandchildren, then sending them home to their parents.

Darren's Favourite - Spicebomb Eau de Toilette

For A Dad Who Likes: Woody Spicy Scents

Darren is one of our Berwick Pharmacy Directors & best mates with Pete. Like Pete, you will find Darran behind the dispensary and managing the day-to-day operations instore. He is also the husband of Kelly, one of our co-founders, and oversees the new fragrances Kelly uploads each week.

Q: What is a fragracne on your wishlist?

A: I recently took home a tester of the Viktor and Rolf men's fragrance, Spicebomb Eau de Toilette and have been wearing it everyday since.

(from $110) Shop Now

Q: What attracts you to this scent?

A: I love the initial intensity of the citrus and spices. This then softens down throughout the day with a leather and tobacco cologne trail. The bottle is definitely eye-catching too!

Q: What is your favourite memory with your kids?

A: The fact that we've been unable to travel means I've been thinking back to family holidays with the kids. One of our favourite trips was to Japan a few years ago. We explored the mix of old historical temples and bustling cities, ate our way around the country, and met so many wonderful people. We can't wait until we can go back again.

Fragrance of the Month

Introducing the new Ralph Lauren Ralph's Club EDP

Stylishly luxurious, this wood fragrance is inspired by an unforgettable night out. This new fragrance has notes of clary sage, lavandin, cedarwood and vetiver.

Available in 3 sizes, 50ml, 100ml & 150ml & a matching deodrant stick.



What is the most popular gift on Father's Day?

Dior Sauvage or Natio Gift Sets are usually our sell out items instore and online.

Need more help finding the best Father's Day present for your partner, dad or step dad? Why not contact us via our Ask an Expert feature? One of our fragrance experts will be happy to help you find the best scent for your loved one from our men's fragrance sale.

Did you know that all Kiana Beauty orders come wrapped in our free signature giftwrap and include a personal handwritten note?

We are also proud to offer free standard shipping within Australia on all orders over $50. 

You can now also buy your favourite's using Afterpay, Zip Pay or Klarna at the checkout.

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Past Promotion

Note: This offer has concluded

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