How to Stop Mascara Clumping in Six Simple Steps with Glenda, our Estee Lauder Expert

20 October 2017

Who doesn't love mascara?

It lengthens our lashes and makes us look and feel more awake in the mornings.

It adds volume to sparse lashes and makes us look and feel younger. 

It makes us look put together even when we're not wearing any makeup.

The team at Kiana Beauty loves mascara, but one thing we do not love are clumpy lashes.

Clumpy lashes are instantly ageing and look unnatural.

Glenda, Kiana Beauty's Estee Lauder expert, shares her tips on how to stop mascara clumping.

Glenda's favourite Estee Lauder mascaras and eye makeup removers.

With over 20 years experience working with Estee Lauder, Glenda has some valuable makeup tips and sure knows how to avoid clumpy lashes.

This simple trick can make you look more awake in the mornings

15 May 2016

It's cold.  Our necklines are getting higher and hemlines longer.   Our legs become fuzzy and we can definitely forget about bronzed skin for the time being.  We drag ourselves out of bed, look in the bathroom mirror, see the face of someone exhausted looking back at us and wonder how we are going to face the day. Can you relate to this?

Liz, our Elizabeth Arden expert does not relate to this.

She's chirpy in the morning regardless of how much sleep she's had and she always looks fresh-faced, alive and ready to take on the day.

Liz shares her number one tip with us.

Liz, tell us what your secret is to looking awake and lively all day?

I wear mascara every day.  Even on the days I don't leave the house.   Mascara opens up the eye area and makes you look less tired and more alive.  Mascara makes everyone look younger.  It also makes everyone feel better when they look in the mirror and they see someone more awake and younger-looking, looking back.

Liz, there are so many mascaras on the market, how do we pick which one to buy?
Once you start using Elizabeth Arden products you won't look back.  Their products are so gentle on the skin.  This is what you want around the eye area.  I love the new Grand Entrance Dramatic Volume Length and Lift Mascara by Elizabeth Arden because it:

- Separates lashes.  It contains naturally-derived oil esters for a clump-free definition
- Creates volume and lift with a lash body complex that locks onto the lashes like a
- Instantly creates a dramatic false lash effect with it's fancy curved brush
- Conditions and plumps lashes with rice bran esters which are great for overall lash health.

Are there any other mascara tips you can share with us?
Yes!  I recommend that 15 - 50 year olds wear black mascara.  More mature ladies should use a brown mascara because it looks softer around the eyes.

Apply one to two coats of mascara in the morning, and you're ready to go... wherever the day takes you.


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