Unwind and Relax your mind with this 5 minute Jurlique ritual

29 March 2018

Feeling stressed and exhausted?

Low in energy?

Feel like there's not enough time in the day to get everything done?

You're not alone.

We are all living such fast-paced lives now. We are constantly receiving new information via our phones and computers, and the boundaries between work and home are so often blurred.

Help your mind and body relax and unwind with these top tips to help you fight fatigue and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

  • 1

    Turn off your computer and avoid scrolling through your phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

  • 2

    Relax your senses with Jurlique Calming Blend Aromatherapy Mist.

    Simply spray this onto your pillow just before you hop into bed and let the lavender and grapefruit pure essential oils work their magic to help you unwind.

    Jurlique Calming Blend Aromatherapy Mist


  • 3

    Go slowly. Start with 5 minutes as you sit or lie in bed. This is a great way to calm a racing mind before bed and will help you relax into a deeper sleep.

Feeling inspired to take better care of yourself?

Why not repeat the self-care ritual in the morning with a spray of Jurlique Revitalising Blend Aromatherapy Mist to uplift and awaken your senses. Add in a 5-minute morning meditation to set the tone for a fabulous day.

View the full range of Jurlique Aromatherapy Mists.

Take care of yourself.

Love from the team at Kiana Beauty

Our Tips on How to Select and Apply Eye Creams and Eye Serums for Best Results

26 March 2017

The skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than other areas of our face. It is also the first area to show any signs of tiredness, ageing and dehydration.

While we can't stop the ageing process, and believe that our faces should show memories of laughs and sunny days, using an appropriate eye serum and eye cream will help your eyes look brighter and more refreshed, ready to take on whatever the day brings.

How To Apply Eye Creams and Eye Serums

  • 1

    Starting at the outer corner of your eye, place four to five dots of your eye cream or serum under the eye, following the bone.

  • 2

    Use your ring finger to gently tap or dab the cream or serum in the surrounding areas, avoiding the eyelids and eye itself.

  • 3

    For an extra cooling effect, you can keep your eye cream in the fridge.
    This may be particularly beneficial if you live somewhere hot and humid like the Northern Territory or Far North Queensland.

What NOT To Do With Your Eye Cream and Eye Serum

  • DON'T apply too much.

    The excess can creep into your eyes and cause irritation.

  • DON'T apply it too close to your eye.

    As your skin heats up during the day, the excess cream can travel into your eyes, irritating them.

  • DON'T pull or tug at your skin.

    The skin around your eyes is very delicate and you don't want to stretch it.

Our Favourite Eye Serums

Re-ignite the youthful light of your eyes with some of our favourite eye serums. Give your eyes a younger, smoother, brighter look whilst fighting fine lines and crow's feet.

Eye Creams for Puffy Eyes

Reduce the visible effects of puffiness around your eyes with some of our recommended eye creams that targets dark circles and puffy eyes.

Eye Creams for Sensitive Eyes

Protect the vulnerable and delicate skin around your eyes, relieving discomfort and irritation, with our favourite eye creams formulated specifically for sensitive eyes.

Eye Creams for Dry Eyes

Hydrate and moisturise your skin around the delicate eye area and keep your eyes looking fresh and smooth with eye creams for dry skin.

Eye Creams to Make You Look Like You've had a Good Night's Sleep

Appear more well-rested, rejuvenated and refreshed with our selection of eye creams to help brighten and hydrate your eyes.

Eye Creams That Target Wrinkles, Firmness and Signs Of Ageing

Get more youthful looking eyes and fight the signs of ageing with our range our eye creams formulated to combat wrinkles and improve the firmness of your skin.

And for Those Times Your Eyes Need a Little Extra Tlc...

Here at Kiana Beauty, we are proud to stock such a vast range of eye creams and eye serums, from some of the world's best beauty brands. 

Need some help choosing the right eye cream or eye serum for you? Simply contact us via our Ask An Expert page here, or send us an email to hello@kianabeauty.com.au, and one of our beauty experts will be happy to help.


How to Apply Makeup When Wearing Glasses

7 October 2016

How to Apply Makeup When Wearing Glasses

As a glasses wearer, it took me a while to feel comfortable with the attention that wearing glasses drew to my face. It took me even longer to find a new makeup style that worked harmoniously with my frames to achieve an elegant, everyday makeup look.

At Kiana Beauty, several of our team members are glasses wearers. We understand that the struggle is real. Below, our glasses-wearing team of experts share their makeup tips based on many years of their own personal experience.

If you are significantly vision impaired, use a magnifying mirror when applying your makeup.

Glasses will make your fine lines and wrinkles more visible to others, particularly if you wear magnifiers.

We highly recommend adding a comprehensive eye cream to your skincare routine, such as the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine Lines and dark circles, making your eyes look younger and more vibrant.

 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II

Long-wearing makeup won't slide off the bridge of your nose or beneath the frames of your glasses. If your glasses commonly leave indentation marks on your nose, apply concealer onto the bridge of your nose instead of foundation as concealer creases less than foundation. Set any foundation or concealer you apply with powder for extra staying power. 

Glasses can amplify dark circles and puffy eyes, so under-eye concealer is essential! For a brighter, fresher looking eye area, we recommend applying concealer under the eye all the way to the inner corner of the eye, near the nose.  

When wearing glasses, you will look and feel more polished when you define your eyes and brows more than you would if you weren't wearing glasses.

This will balance the frames.

Apply eyeliner all across the top and bottom lash lines, staying as close as possible to the lashes.

If you wear wire frames, you can get away with a thinner line.

If you have thicker frames, draw a thicker line on the top and bottom lash line to achieve balance. 

Apply waterproof mascara to open up the eye area and avoid smudging against the lenses.

Wearing glasses draws attention to your brows, so ensure that they are well groomed and be sure to fill in any gaps with your favourite brow powder or pencil.

Consider the Frame You Are Wearing

Wire Frame

You can pretty much wear whatever you like in terms of eyeshadow or lip colour as a wire frame is understated and looks harmonious with little effort.

Coloured Frame

Coloured frames look great with neutral-coloured eyeshadow.  However, to prevent your eyes from getting lost within the bold frames, we suggest creating some depth with two colours.

Apply a light, neutral-coloured eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone from the lash line to the brow bone.

This acts as the base.

Then apply a neutral shade of medium depth on the outer corners of the eye or along the crease. Then blend, blend, blend.

We love a neutral lip with a coloured frame as it won't compete with your fabulous frames, but helps to pull the look together.

Pretty Easy Eye Palette

Clinique Pretty Easy Eye Palette

Customise your own look with the eight shades of long-wearing eyeshadows.

Tortoise Shell

If you're wearing bold frames in a natural colour, we recommend keeping the eyes subtle yet defined, and creating balance with some colour on the lip.


The team at Kiana Beauty hope you have a whole lot of fun finding the makeup style that best suits your glasses and personality.  Need more help or have a question?  Feel free to use our Ask an Expert feature for individualised advice on your skincare or beauty needs.

How to do a Simple Smokey Eye

12 August 2016

Emily, our Napoleon Perdis expert does a stunning and sultry smokey eye.  The best bit?

She only uses two shades of eyeshadow to achieve this look AND it can be done in under five minutes.

Emily shows us how to create a striking smokey eye for green eyes, blue eyes and brown eyes.  

This technique can be used with any colour palette.  

All you need is two complementary shades.  

You can thank her later.

Emily, Napoleon Perdis Expert

Whatever your eye colour, three rules apply when creating a smokey eye.


1.  Apply the lighter colour first.

Apply the lighter colour all over the eyelid, and blend it up to the crease.  You want the light colour to fade to just under the brown bone.


2.  Apply the darker colour second.

Apply the darker colour to the outer corner of the eye like a backward letter 'C'. Where you concentrate the depth of colour will vary for your eye shape.  Remember to tap excess eyeshadow off your brush and start lightly.  You can always build up the intensity.
  • Round eyes: Apply the darkest colour on the outer lid and blend it outwards to elongate the eye.
  • Almond eyes:  Concentrate the darkest colour along the crease to define it and open up the eye.
  • Hooded eyes**:  Hooded eyes are the exception.  Place the darker colour all over the mobile lid and then blend and fade the colour out to the crease line. You can then put a lighter colour under the brow bone and blend the two colours together.  This creates the illusion of a larger eyelid.

    See green eyes for how to achieve a smokey eye for hooded eyes


3.  Blend, blend, blend.

You don't need to have a fancy brush range in order to do a smokey eye.  

Just one hard-working brush can be used for both applying and blending the light and dark eyeshadow.  

You can achieve a smokey eye with a natural eyeshadow palette, however if you want your eyes to pop, I recommend the following:


Green Eyes

Green Smokey Eyes Effect

Please note, this is an example of a smokey look for a hooded eye.  

In this case, the darker colour is all over the mobile lid and the lighter colour just under the brow bone, then blended together.


Brown Eyes

Brown Smokey Eye Effect

Brown eyes will smoulder with Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in Angel Dust and Tawny Temptress


Blue Eyes  

Blue Smokey Eyes Effect

Make blue eyes look sultry with a sweep of Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in Chocolate Ganache and Queen of the Night


Complete the look

Complete the look by lining the eyes with Napoleon Perdis China Doll Gel Eye Liner in Yin for a sharp effect or Forbidden City for a softer look.  

Finish with a coat of Napoleon Perdis Mesmer-Eyes Mascara.  

Now you're ready for wherever the night takes you.

How to Up Your Brow Game with Emily, Kiana Beauty's Napoleon Perdis Guru

18 February 2016

In case you hadn’t noticed, eyebrows are having a seriously big moment right now.

When they’re done well, brows frame the face, balance your features and instantly make you look more polished, even with very little makeup on.  We are obsessed with brows at Kiana Beauty and are firm believers that everyone should be filling their brows in.

Emily (our Napoleon Perdis guru who is a proud bold brow girl) shares her tips for upping your brow game at home.  Whether you have sparse brows, thin brows, unruly, or gappy brows, we’ve got you covered.


    Gorgeous Emily and her beautiful, bold brows.


Brows are in.

Whether they’re bold or soft is irrelevant, eyebrows must always, always be filled in.  I would never finish a look without filling in the brows.  They define the face.

There are so many different brow shapes and everyone is different.  Some people need a strong brow and others look great with something softer.  It’s a personal preference.  Napoleon has created so many wonderful brow products to choose from, whether your preference is for a pencil, gel or powder.  He has catered for the soft brow, all the way up to the supermodel brow.  

It's so easy to select the right Napoleon Perdis brow product for your brows as the range is nice and simple. You just have to choose whether you prefer to use a gel, powder or pencil.

If you prefer to use a gel, then the Browtox or Wand-er Brow are for you. Both of these come with a grooming brush to help tame and shape the brows.  You can easily build the intensity of the brow colour using either of these products.

The Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil will give you a softer, more natural look.  It is a retractable pencil, so there is no sharpening required and it’s never blunt. Use short strokes for a feathered look.

The Couture Brow Kit allows you to customise the intensity of your look.  Apply the wax to your brows before the powder for a bolder look, which looks great with a smokey eye or with a bold lip.  If you are going for a bold, strong brow you should also be wearing other makeup so that the brows don’t dominate your face.  Remember, it’s about framing, not dominating.

For a more subtle brow, use the powder alone.  This is a great look for those days when you want to look polished with minimal makeup effort.

If you have over-plucked or sparse brows, then listen closely… The Couture Brow Kit is for you. Use the powder alone to make brows look fuller by applying it just underneath each arch and blending through using the brow brush.   You can then use the eyebrow pencil to feather on individual hairs.

Drawing the perfect length for your eyebrows is easy, so don’t be intimidated, just follow the guide below.

Get a brush and line it up from the outside of your nose straight up to your eye and this is where your brows should begin.

You then need to angle your brush against your nose to the outer corner of your eye and this is where your brows should end.

Lastly, remember that your brows should be done after you’ve put on your foundation base, but before eyeshadow, mascara and lips.


Thanks so much Emily for all your eyebrow advice. If you have any questions for Emily, send them through via our Ask an Expert page.

We’d love to see your brow game.  Remember to tag us in any of your photos with #kianabeauty

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