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Share Chanel Luxuries with your Love this Valentine's Day

8 February 2019

Love is in the air!

Celebrate love and spoil your special someone with a luxurious Chanel fragrance this Valentine's Day.  Envelope your lover with an exquisite scent that creates an air of mystery and hints at what's to come...

Don't know what to buy? Kiana Beauty helps you find the perfect Chanel fragrance for your beloved with our recommendations for men and women according to their personality type. 

Kiana Beauty is an official, authorised stockist of every brand we sell, including Chanel, so you can be assured that what you receive is authentic and fresh stock. No imports, fakes or grey market stock!

For HIM 

Strong and Charismatic

Chanel Allure Homme Eau de Toilette Spray

Chanel Allure Homme Eau de Toilette Spray

A harmonious and balanced fragrance featuring fresh, spicy and woody notes. Suited to men with allure and presence.

Goes well with Chanel Allure Homme Deodorant Stick.

Enhance your favourite fragrance. View the full anciliary range of Chanel Allure Homme 

Determined and Ambitious

Chanel Bleu De Chanel Eau de Toilette Spray

Chanel Bleu De Chanel Eau de Toilette Spray

An iconic aromatic-woody scent containing notes of citrus, cedar and sandalwood. Suited to the independent man.

Goes well with Chanel Bleu De Chanel After Shave Balm.

Enhance your favourite fragrance. View our full range of Bleu De Chanel products

Lover of Sports and the Outdoors

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême Spray

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême Spray

An aromatic-musky fragrance featuring Italian Mandarin, Moroccan Cypress and Venezuelan Tonka Bean. A dynamic scent suited to the man who likes an adrenaline rush.

Goes well with Chanel Allure Homme Sport Deodorant Stick.

View our full range of ancillary Chanel Allure Homme Sport products.

Charming and Elegant

Chanel Allure Homme Édition Blanche Eau de Parfum Spray

Chanel Allure Homme Édition Blanche Eau de Parfum Spray

An oriental-fresh fragrance combining the citrus freshness of Lemon and Italian Bergamot with an oriental breeze of sandalwood and vetiver. A striking fragrance suited to the confident and elegant gentleman.

Goes well with Chanel Allure Homme Édition Blanche Hair and Body Wash.

View the full anciliary range of Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche to enhance your favourite fragrance.


Elegant and Refined

Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum Spray

Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum Spray

A floral-fresh-oriental fragrance containing notes of Mandarin, Rose and Vanilla. Suited to the confident and radiant woman.

Goes well with Chanel Allure Body Lotion.

Enhance your favourite fragrance. View our full ancillary range of Chanel Allure.

Carefree and loves surprises 

Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum Spray

Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum Spray

A welcoming floral fragrance with notes of Pink Pepper, Jasmine, White Musk, Amber Patchouli and Vanilla. For the woman open to unexpected surprises.

Goes well with Chanel Chance Hair Mist.

Enhance your favourite fragrance. View our full ancillary range of Chanel Chance.

Modern and loves flowers

Chanel Gabrielle Chanel Eau de Parfum Spray

Chanel Gabrielle Chanel Eau de Parfum Spray

A radiant floral fragrance released in 2017, based on a rich bouquet of four white flowers- jasmine, ylang ylang, orange blossom and grasse tuberose. Ideal for women who love flowers and lady-like fashion.

Goes well with Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof Mascara.

Intriguing and Mysterious

Chanel Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum Spray

Chanel Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum Spray

A fascinating floral-soft-oriental fragrance that is revealed in a unique way on each woman. Suited to the woman with magnetic allure.

Goes well with Chanel Allure Sensuelle Body Lotion.

View the full range of ancillary Chanel Allure products to enhance your favourite fragrance.

Need more help picking the perfect Chanel gift for your lover?

Feel free to contact Liz, our Chanel expert, via our Ask an Expert feature or via

Did you know that all Chanel orders from Kiana Beauty come wrapped in Chanel's elegant black and white signature giftwrap along with a handwritten note?

Kiana Beauty also offers free standard delivery within Australia for orders over $50 and now you can buy your favourite beauty, skincare and makeup from Kiana Beauty using Afterpay.

Happy Valentine's Day from Kiana Beauty.

Valentine's Day Inspiration - Our Fragrance Guru's Personal Recommendations for Men's Fragrances

10 February 2017

Jaki - Manager

I'm not exaggerating when I say our Kiana Beauty team leader, Jaki, has a passion for fragrances.

Jaki is someone who actually understands terms such as “dry down”, “vetiver” and “smouldery”.

She knows all the classic scents, but is also genuinely excited when the fragrance houses release new perfumes for women and men.

Jaki shares with us some of her favourite fragrances for men, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Have a question? Ask away via our Ask An Expert page, or send us an email to hello@kianabeautymelbourne , and Jaki or one of our team members will be happy to help.

Shop all these fragrances and more from us at Kiana Beauty Melbourne. We offer free delivery within Australia for all purchases over $50, and you'll love our free signature gift wrap.

Valentine's Day Inspiration - 10 Great Perfumes for Women Loved By Our Fragrance Guru

9 February 2017

Jaki is not only our dedicated, inspiring and super hard-working team leader, she also has a passion for perfumes, with an incredible amount of knowledge crammed into that brain of hers.

With Valentine's Day round the corner, Jaki shares with us her current favourite scents for women.

Jaki - Manager

Asking me to select my favourite fragrances is like asking me to choose my favourite son - I just can't do it!

As much as I love fragrances in general, I do have my go-to fragrances, chosen according to my mood, my outfit and colours.

I have classic must-haves, but I also love to try the latest releases - the new kids on the block.

I love that fragrance evokes emotions that are open to interpretation and these can be different for everyone.

Scents can take to you faraway places, both emotionally and physically.

Some are safe, some are polarising, some remind us of other fragrances, and some totally unique and haunting.

When choosing a fragrance, my advice is to drink in the notes of the ingredients.

Visualise. Dream. Envelop yourself in the fragrance and the story and mood behind their creation.

Once upon a time, fragrance was a real luxury item, but now there are fragrances to suit every budget. Everyone can enjoy them, wear them liberally and build a wardrobe of fragrances for every occasion, emotion or dream.

Why not treat yourself and add in just one or two unique perfumes to complete your outfit for those times you want to feel special?

I've included ten of my current favourite perfumes for women, although I'm sure if you ask me again in six months, the list will change.

And if you have any questions about fragrances for women or men, or any of our other Kiana Beauty products, I would love to help. Just contact me here or send an email to us at

So this Valentine's Day, and throughout the year, take a look at the fragrances available from Kiana Beauty Melbourne.

We have a huge range, including brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, Shay & Blue London, and so many more.

And our beauty experts such as Jaki, love helping people find the perfect perfume.

Love Is In The Air...

27 January 2016

There's no denying there is something special in the air on Valentine's Day ... anticipation, flirting, love.

The team behind Kiana Beauty loves to celebrate the wonderful men and women we share our lives with. Our unofficial office survey showed a unanimous preference for giving and receiving fragrances on Valentine's Day.  A quick spritz behind the ears and on pulse points to get the heart racing...

Whether your preferred fragrance is something fun, fresh, seductive, playful, mysterious or downright sexy - we've got you covered.

Here are some of our favourites. Take a look below the image where we've even personality-matched them for you.  You can thank us later.

Happy Valentine's Day.
Kiana Beauty xx

Valentine's Day Fragrance Gift Guide 2016, all available online from Australian stockist Kiana Beauty


Our picks for the Ladies

The Modern-Romantic
Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette from $125
A luminous floral chypre scent with just a touch of springtime.  Carefully selected ingredients blend to form a charming and beautiful promise of love.

The Elegant Seductress
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Spray from $116
A fresh and vibrant floral-oriental fragrance for the sensual woman. 

The Sultry Lover of Luxury
Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum Spray from $100
Immediately identifiable by its striking green python print bottle and gold chain shaped like a bag, Decadence is sensual and glamorous woody fragrance with notes of Italian Plum, Bulgarian Rose and 
liquid amber.

The Glamazon 
Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum Spray from $90
A fruity-floral-oriental fragrance for the glamorous, sophisticated and captivating woman.  A sexy fragrance of provocative contrasts.


Our picks for the Gentlemen

The Sensual Man
Calvin Klein Reveal Men Eau de Toilette Spray from $80
A sensual fragrance with a touch of surprise.

The Modern Classic
Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Men Eau de Toilette $89
A juicy Oriental fougere of spicy ginger, star fruit and Moroccan cedar wood.

The Refined Sophisticate 
Trussardi My Land Eau de Toilette Spray $125
A classical and modern woody-fougere with a touch of elegant Italian finesse for the self-confident man.

The Masculine Athlete 
Trussardi Blue Land Eau de Toilette Spray $125
A classical and modern woody-fougere with a touch of elegant Italian finesse for the self-confident man.

The Brilliant Analyst
Davidoff The Brilliant Game Eau de Toilette  from $80
For a strategic man who likes to take calculated risks, The Brilliant Game is a charming oriental-woody fragrance with an easygoing allure.




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