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Which Chanel Women's Perfume is the Right One for You?

“ Fragrance is the one beauty product that has the most significant emotional impact, not only for yourself, but also for others. ”

Perfume lasts much longer than the moment you are wearing it. It can last a lifetime in memories, as it transports you back to your childhood.

I can still recall the beautiful smell of my mum when I was a child as she tucked me into bed.

Even now, as an adult, when my mum gives me a hug, the gentle and elegant aroma of Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum, along with her warm and loving embrace, feels like home.

A memory that I wish to gift to my own husband and children is my signature scent of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum.

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It is their favourite fragrance from my Chanel fragrance collection and when I wear it, it feels as though I get more hugs that last a little bit longer. My oldest son, who is 10 years old, tells me that when he smells Mademoiselle, it makes him feel safe and loved.

An endearing fragrance can also attach a strong emotional connection to a holiday or special place, which lasts long after you've returned home. 

The lingering scent of Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette Spray transports me back to a wonderful holiday in the Maldives, where I had worn this fragrance. When I smell it now, it smells like love, excitement and new adventure, and it has such a beautiful and dreamy effect on me.

A curated fragrance wardrobe makes a statement.

It tells the world a story about you and your personality, and when you wear your favourite fragrances on high rotation, your friends and family will begin to associate those fragrance notes with you.

Chanel Fragrances

Chanel fragrances are classics. They are created with a delicate balance of several different layers of notes, that work in harmony to produce an unforgettable and long-lasting scent.

A Chanel fragrance is an accessible designer luxury, which gives the wearer a beautiful presence and experience throughout their daily lives and special occasions.

Chanel fragrances are available in several different concentrations, which determines how intense the scent is and how long it lingers on the skin.

Parfum - is the noblest and most highly concentrated form of a fragrance, that is dabbed onto the skin. It provides the longest-lasting scent (up to 12 hours) and is generally the most expensive.

Eau de Parfum - is less concentrated than the parfum, but still has great longevity, lasting approximately 8 hours.

Eau de Toilette - is the least concentrated formula and therefore results in a lighter, fresher version of your favourite scent. This works well for settings where you may be concerned people in close proximity (e.g. an aeroplane) and can last up to 6 hours.

Chanel offers a wide variety of scents, featuring many different notes to suit every wonderful personality.  

Let Kiana Beauty help you find the right Chanel perfume for you.

Chanel Allure

Suits: This is the fragrance of a woman with natural elegance and grace.
A woman with charisma who appreciates simplicity in life. 
Suitable for day and night and can be enjoyed all year round.

Feels: Soft, luxurious, calm and peaceful. Chanel Allure feels like being draped in the softest silk.

Chanel Allure opens with a beautiful sparkle, featuring fresh and citrusy notes of lemon, peach and mandarin.

It then evolves to reveal an elegant floral heart, with the softness of rose and sensuality of vanilla which mingles ever-so-elegantly with base notes of sandalwood and vetiver to create a refined and truly unforgettable fragrance.

This elegant, fresh-oriental-floral fragrance is also available as a hair mist, travel spray and body products.

- You can view the full suite of Allure products here. -

Suits: The mysterious and intriguing woman who likes to make a bold statement.
It is a perfume with a presence which suits evening wear or cooler climates when we gravitate towards things with a bit of spice.

Feels like: A sheer layer of mystery and magnetism. A warm and exotic embrace.

Chanel Allure Sensuelle is a warm and voluptuous interpretation of the joyful Allure fragrance from Chanel.

It is a fascinating, floral, soft-oriental fragrance that reveals itself in a unique way on each woman, to express her individual allure and mystery.

Oriental notes set the tone for this sensual fragrance. It opens with delicious, fresh, juicy orange, peach and bergamot.

The heart blooms with gorgeous roses, powdery iris and sparkling jasmine before rounding off with lingering exotic base notes of Frankincense, French vanilla, amber and patchouli to create a warm and sensual fragrance that exudes a natural magnetism.

This voluptuous and intriguing fragrance is available as a Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette Spray and a body lotion.

Suits: The joyous woman who welcomes the unexpected and pleasant surprises.
This fragrance is beautiful to wear during the day and in warmer climates or on your next adventure.

Feels like: You have been swept up in a whirlwind of happiness and fantasy.

This feminine fragrance makes a joyous entrance.

It opens brightly with fresh notes of pink pepper, lemon and pineapple before transitioning to joyous and well-rounded heart notes of hyacinth, jasmine and iris.

Chanel Chance continues on with warmer and full-bodied notes of amber, patchouli, vetiver and white musk, to create a whirlwind of happiness and warmth.

Chanel Chance is available as an Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, hair mist, bath and body products and a travel-sized twist and spray.

- You can view the full range of Chanel Chance ancillary products here. -

- You may also like other Chanel Chance scents such as Eau Tendre, Eau Vive, or Eau Fraiche. -

Suits: The bold and free woman who also has a lighthearted side.
This fragrance has stood the test of time, it is both modern and timeless and suits the charismatic woman with je ne sais quoi.

Feels like: You are wearing an elegant cloak of confidence and charm. Feels like you have the freedom to reinvent yourself from day to night.

This voluptuous floral-oriental fragrance is both sophisticated and alluring.

It has a playful nature, which finds harmony between floral femininity and a spirited character with a splash of peppery citrus.

It is soft and warm enough to be worn during the day, but also has a captivating presence, which will turn heads with its beautiful sillage at nighttime.

This distinctive scent opens with sparks of fresh and vibrant orange, which immediately awaken the senses. 

It gradually softens into a clear and sensual heart that reveals transparent accords of Jasmine and Rose. The enchanting trail unfurls with accents of Patchouli and Vetiver that give this scent its edge.

This alluring fragrance has je ne se quoi. It has a presence and a strong personality, but remains surprisingly fresh.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum is a world-wide best-seller.

- You can view the full range of Coco Mademoiselle here. -

Suits: The carefree and happy woman with a youthful bounce in her step.

Feels like: A luxurious and fun summer day.

Created by Oliver Polge in 2017, Gabrielle Chanel was the first new fragrance for Chanel in 15 years.

It is a luminous floral fragrance which was inspired by Gabrielle Chanel, the founder and designer of the house of Chanel. It pays homage to Gabrielle's free spirit and passion, she chose to be the radiant woman that she wanted to be.

Gabrielle Chanel is based on a bouquet of four white flowers: an enveloping and exotic heart of Jasmine that shimmers so elegantly with the fruity green notes of Ylang-Ylang. As the fragrance develops, fresh and sparkling notes of orange blossom shine through, with a final glimpse of Grasse tuberose.

The blending of these notes is immaculate, but we wouldn't expect anything less from Chanel. 

Gabrielle Chanel is warm, radiant, bubbly and giggly compared to Chanel's more sophisticated fragrances, which makes it perfectly suited to a woman who feels young and free or for anyone who is looking for some lightheartedness in spring and summer.

This sparkling fragrance is presented in a striking square bottle that appears to glow with gold.

It is also available in a hand-bag friendly Eau de Parfum Twist and Spray, as well as a hair mistshower gel and body lotion.

Touted to be the No 5 of its time, a new classic has been created.

- You can view the full range of Chanel Gabrielle products, including the new Chanel Gabrielle Essence Eau de Parfum, here. -

Suits: The classic, elegant and feminine woman.

Feels like: The essence of femininity.

Created in 1921, Chanel No 5 is still the world's most iconic fragrance, with a bottle sold worldwide every 30 seconds.

This woody-floral fragrance is a highly complex blend of aldehydes and florals.

It opens with a burst of aldehydes which create a unique presence in this iconic fragrance as well as a crisp sparkle from the bergamot, lemon, neroli and ylang-ylang.

The top notes mingle so elegantly with the heart notes of May Rose and Jasmine which bring elegant and floral femininity to Chanel No 5, before the base notes of sandalwood and vanilla leave an incredibly sensual trail.

Marilyn Monroe famously once said that the only thing she wears to bed is Chanel No 5.

Chanel No 5 is available as a Parfum that you can dab on, or as an Eau de Parfum Spray or Eau de Toilette Spray for a smooth and subtle application on skin or clothing. 

- You can view the full range of Chanel No 5 fragrances and body products here. -

Kiana Beauty | Expert | Liz

Need more help finding the perfect Chanel fragrance for yourself or for a gift?

Why not contact Liz, Kiana Beauty's Chanel expert via our Ask an Expert feature, and she will gladly help you find the best Chanel fragrance to suit your personality or for your special occasion.

(left) Liz, Kiana Beauty's Chanel expert at our Chanel counter.

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