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A Face Mist Spray Can Bring Instant Glow to Dull Skin

Prolonged exposure to dust, pollution, and dry air rob your skin of its hydration, leaving it looking dull, rough, and visibly wrinkled. This is where face mists come to the rescue. They perform intensive moisture-repair therapy and replenish the lost hydration for soft, smooth, and effortlessly radiant skin. Try on a versatile face spray from Kiana Beauty for setting makeup, reducing wrinkles, and moistening dehydrated skin.

Finest refreshing mist spray from Kiana Beauty

We understand your skin needs the absolute best. With sprays loaded with the goodness of herbal essences, our formulations not only restore moisture but also boost skin cell renewal, thereby accelerating the fading away of fine lines and drooping.

You might ask 'When do you use facial spray?' and we’ll reply, whenever you feel a little sun-baked, need a little self care moment or are experiencing tightness caused by stress on your face.

Different sprays come with different ingredients. If your heart craves floral concentrates, go for a rosewater spray and if you want vitalizing agents, try organic and mineral-rich mists to imbue you with lasting freshness. Let them penetrate your skin deeply to deliver a restorative action. Indulge in extracts from jojoba, licorice, cucumber, and grapefruit that are present in some of the best face mists. Awaken your skin and impart a cooling effect to it. Vitamin C, an active ingredient of skin renewal, helps facial tissues gain fullness and shine, while aloe acts as a calming agent.

Light, non-oily mist spray for instant hydration

Rescue your skin from harmful pollutants instantly with a quick spray from our hydrating mist. Free of toxic constituents, these sprays not only moisten your skin but also defend it with antioxidants. Crafted by leading Australian and global skincare experts, these mists are lightweight and non-greasy, making them perfect for a dreamy look. So the next time you feel your skin being tight and flaky, brandish your mist high and give it a spritz or two for cool, dew-drenched skin.

You can now flaunt misty skin every time you step out with compact, travel-sized sprays in attractive packaging. Choose from the finest mist spray for a spotless complexion that comes with moisture-rich, healthy skin. No matter how long you stay out in the sun, stare at your phone screen or brave cold winds, one short burst of face mist spray is all it takes to banish tiredness and paint the town red. Get rain-kissed with the perfect hydrating sprays at affordable prices exclusively from Kiana Beauty. Check out our collection and take a pick of your favorite face mist.


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It arrived in 2 days!
They have an amazing range. I found a product that is getting tough to find. I expected delivery in 10-14 days and it arrived in 2 days! And it's beautifully gift wrapped. They'll be first stop for all beauty and hair [things] from here on out! Wow.
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Amazing service, thank you Kiana Beauty
Ordered on Friday, order posted on Friday and received the next working day! Each item was lovingly and gorgeously wrapped and came with a hand written note. Amazing service, thank you Kiana Beauty, I will be ordering with you again

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