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I stepped into the fragrance world in 1993, which was the start of a life-long love affair with perfume. At that time, I experienced the perfume revolution that was Joop! A pink fragrance for men? Then came Cool Water. Who could forget that launch campaign, which was risque for the time.


I love the olfactory memories that fragrances can evoke. They take you back to a time long forgotten, or the promise of dreams and destinations yet to come


 I’ve launched many fragrances during my 30 years, but there’s one that caused a spark of nostalgia for me. Joop! What About Adam featured crushed tomato leaves in the top note and immediately transported me back to my childhood in South Africa. My mum had a florist shop and she would get roses from a rose grower who also grew tomatoes. My sister and I would often travel to school in the back of the ute surrounded by roses and tomatoes and their heady scent. Even now, the combination of tomatoes and roses makes me smile.


I am in awe of the perfumers who dream up exotic and surprising combinations of notes. Somehow, these seamlessly come together to create an unforgettable scent. The fragrance that you wear is something that not only you get to enjoy, but it also announces your presence and can be enjoyed by others around you. 


My tips for choosing your fragrance by occasion:

I have a very extensive fragrance wardrobe and always choose my fragrance to compliment the occasion and mood.

When I’m exercising, I choose something uplifting such as Shay & Blue London Blood Oranges.

For daytime wear, I choose something feminine and easy to wear such as Miss Dior or Armani Si.

For night time, it depends on who I’m with and what I’m wearing. I’m usually bolder at night and will choose something more smouldering such as Hypnotic Poison or Alien. Sometimes I will wear men’s fragrances at night as they are more woody, mysterious and smokey. My choice is influenced by who I’m with, whether it’s with my husband or my friends.


Nothing gives me more pleasure than finding that perfect fragrance for you or someone special.


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Amazing service, thank you Kiana Beauty
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